Easy Steps to Combat Foot Odor

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Easy steps to combat foot odor

Easy Steps to Combat Foot Odor

There is nothing more embarrassing than taking off your shoes and fighting the desire to stop breathing. Check these tips for getting rid of foot odor once and for all:

Use home remedies

According to Chelsea barbers NYC, our kitchen is full of multitasking home remedies you can use to combat foot odor. Since bacteria love the sweaty environment, you can destroy them by making them starve. Soak your feet in saltwater, black tea, or add some vinegar to the tub with water. These ingredients can help to decrease sweating and reduce the number of bacteria on your feet!

Wear breathable socks

The right socks can make a big difference, so you have to choose them carefully. Natural materials are the main prerequisite of quality socks; for this reason, you should always check fabric content. Synthetic doesn’t let your feet breathe, so sweat and moisture accumulate causing a bad smell.


Keep your feet dry

Bacteria causing foot odor survives by eating your sweat, so it’s essential to keep the moisture level at a minimum. Your feet have to be ultimately dry no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Firstly, have a spare pair of socks with you, in this case, you can replace them any moment. Secondly, apply powder, which will absorb excessive moisture and preserve the needed dryness.

Take care of your shoes

According to Chelsea barbers NYC, you should take care of your shoes from the inside as well as from the outside. It’s important to wipe them with a moist cloth and air them at the end of a day. You should also consider an idea of using special sprays, which will kill germs and make your shoes smell great.

Use these tips to keep your feet healthy and free of odors!

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