Nail 17 The Natural Choice – NATURAL FUNGAL NAIL RELIEF

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Nail 17 The Natural Choice - NATURAL FUNGAL NAIL RELIEF

Nail 17 The Natural Choice – NATURAL FUNGAL NAIL RELIEF

Have you ever had nail fungus before?  Nail fungus is a common medical condition that affects thousands of people each year.  Nail fungus can cause a lot of discomfort and many people become embarrassed because of the way their nails appear to others.

I have suffered from nail fungus several different times during the course of my life and I can tell you it is not fun!  I have had a couple of cases of nail fungus and in some instances one of my nails lifted permanently from the bed of the nail.  I even had one case where two of my nails fell out because the fungus infection grew so intense that my hand detached itself from the nails.  Doctors were unsure if my nails were even going to grow back.  Luckily, they did grow back.

As an advocator and as someone who enjoys helping others I am going to teach you how you can figure out if you have nail fungus,  get rid of your nail fungus and transform your nails so they look the best they ever had before.    Do not wait as long as I did… tackle the problem before it worsens.

Not everyone knows what a fungus infection is…

Do you know what a fungus infection is?

A fungal nail infection occurs when a fungus attacks a fingernail, a toenail, or the skin under the nail, called the nail bed. Fungi can attack your nails through small cuts in the skin around your nail or through the opening between your nail and nail bed. If you are healthy, a fungal nail infection probably will not cause serious problems. However, it may look bad, hurt, or damage your nail or nail bed.

Many things could cause nail fungus.

  • Yeasts
  • Molds
  • Different kinds of fungi

The same type of fungus that causes athlete’s foot causes most nail fungus. These are all common causes for nail fungus, but there is hope for individuals who have the condition or suffer from it often.  Nail fungus grows in warm, moist places, and they can spread from person to person. You can get a nail fungus infection for many reasons.  Some people have contracted it from, walking barefoot in public places, from public showers, public pools, sharing personal items such as towels and nail clippers.  I got it from four different times from two different nail salons and twice from water seeping between my nails and nail bed.

If you are suffering from nail fungus, you are going to notice one or more of the symptoms below…

  • Your nail turns yellow or white
  • Your nail becomes thicker
  • Your nail will crumble and split
  • You nail may separate from the skin
  • It becomes uncomfortable or painful to wear shoes
  • It becomes uncomfortable or painful to walk
  • It becomes uncomfortable or painful to stand for a long period of time

I finally came across Nail 17.  I was very impressed with the how it was made.  Nail 17 is made of plant-based essential oils (Thymol, Camphor, Menthol, and Eucalyptus). There are no harsh chemicals in this product. I saw the difference in my son’s nails after using it for a while.  His nails went from yellow and cracked to white and clear.  The fungal clear up after several usages.  It transformed his nails and got rid of the fungus.  I was very pleased with this product.  The more he used it the better his nails looked.  There was a big difference in the quality of his nails.

I found the Nail 17 to be very beneficial. I highly recommend this product.

You can find Nail 17 on the Internet at 

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