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Author: Mohsin Ghafoor

The Complete Herbal Guide / Articles posted by Mohsin Ghafoor
8 Common Training Mistakes That Limit Your Muscle Growth

8 Common Training Mistakes That Limit Your Muscle Growth

If you are not gaining any muscle even though you’re going through training exercises every day, you are probably wondering what the issue might be. Have you attained your genetic potential or are you simply doing it wrong?Bodybuilding is all about discipline and not about excesses. As such, going overboard is bound to sabotage your results. If you’re a promising lifter, avoiding a few common mistakes could help save you months of trouble. Here’s a look at eight common training mistakes that can limit your muscle growth. Setting Unrealistic Goals It’s quite difficult and sometimes downright impossible for lifters to achieve much of anything in the gym if they don’t have a clear goal. The lack of an objective could slow or stall your progress. You...