9 Effective Supplements for Anxiety

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9 Effective Supplements for Anxiety

Chest tightness, feelings of overwhelming, negative thoughts, sweating; we all are familiar with the symptoms of anxiety. In the US alone, there are over 40 million adults, age 18 and above, suffering from mental illness with over 43% of people receiving treatment.

Anxiety can wreak havoc in our day-to-day lives. However, not everyone suffering from anxiety receives treatment. And if there isn’t already enough to worry about, prescribed medicines can also produce side effects like nausea, weight gain, and sexual dysfunction.

The condition is hard to escape but thankfully there are natural remedies that can relax the nerves and calm your mind. Here’s a compiled list of effective supplements that can help anxiety:



Magnesium is absorbed through the skin of the body or taken orally offering fast relief. It’s a natural muscle relaxer and calms the nervous system helping with restlessness, irritability and fear. While it’s a necessary mineral, your body only needs a little.

Magnesium in citrate, chloride or chelate forms are more beneficial to the body as they are easily absorbed in the body. If you travel often it may be taken to cure fear of flying. Start with a low dose and increase the amount based on the anxiety symptoms.

vitamin b

Vitamin B complex

B6 and B12 offer many benefits to the nervous system; mental clarity and lower blood sugar levels being just a couple of them. Further, B-complex contains all B-vitamins that are beneficial for your body.

B-complex contains thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid, cobalamins and more which all play an important role in regulating mood and energy levels.

ashwagandha (1)


Ashwagandha is an age-old treatment for lifting mood and balancing the body’s reaction to stress. Adaptogens, used in Ashwagandha are a class of healing plant that helps in balancing, protecting and restoring the body.

It balances the hormones that contribute to anxiety, as well as helping induce a sense of relaxation in the body.


Kava root

Kava root can ease the symptoms of anxiety by stimulating and balancing the dopamine receptors. Muscle relaxation and improved cognitive ability are just some of the benefits of kava root. Since kava can interact with other medications consume it only under the guidance of your health care provider.


L-theanine is an amino acid that comes with the same soothing properties as found in green or black tea. Theanine is shown to reduce stress and make you feel relaxed.

Supplementing your diet with L-theanine helps in lowering blood pressure andincreasing dopamine levels as well as the serotonin levels in the body.

5- HTP

HTP is a synthesized form of tryptophan, which is an amino acid that helps elevate mood and relax muscles. The 5-HTP increases serotonin levels, thereby calming the nerves leading to a reduction in the symptoms of anxiety.

While 5-HTP is completely natural, it should not be taken with any other drug prescription or medication.

GABA(Gamma-aminobutyric acid)

GABA is an amino acid that helps in decreasing the anxiety in the nervous system and promotes relaxation. Lack of GABA in the body can make anxiety worse. Besides, its also an effective sedative, which can help you get a good night sleep with a relaxed mind and body.

vitamin d

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body absorb other vitamins and minerals. However, its deficiency can lead to a deficiency of other vitamins. This can evoke anxiety and can make the situation worse.

fish oil

Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are antioxidants that help in reducing anxiety and stress. The DHA and EPA present in the omega-3 helps reduce nervousness.

Since everyone’s body reacts differently to the natural remedies, always consult your Medical Doctor before taking them.

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