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Is Consumer Health Digest Legitimate? – [REVIEW]

Whether you are looking to lose some pounds or just pursuing a healthy lifestyle, you probably visit various websites to get ideas on how to make proper adjustments to your way of life. Information is power, but only if it is accurate. Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers out there wanting to trick you and rob you of your money. There are only a few websites that aim to truly help to adjust your lifestyle and become or stay healthy. Is Consumer Health Digest one of them? Let’s find out! What to Focus on When Checking If the Website Is Legit? There are several factors to consider when inspecting a health-related website: What is the purpose of the website? Where do they find the information used in the articles? Are the articles...


Nourish Doc ( – Consult with Natural and Holistic Health Experts

“Natural medicine, nutrition holistic experts on call”  Many people seek treatment options beyond those that are typically offered in conventional medical care. At Nourish Doc (, their experts, who are trained in both conventional and complementary medicine, offer a comprehensive level of expertise and understanding about health and healing approaches. Nourish Doc ( gives you the opportunity to receive a consultation with holistic health experts, using a variety of tools they offer on the website, including audio, video and text chat. The first step in evaluation and treatment at Nourish Doc is an integrative medicine consultation, where you have the opportunity to consult with a trained expert in both conventional and complementary medicine to develop a holistic and individualized healing plan. During the consultation, you will be...

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