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Top 5 Natural Tips to Cure Vaginal Odor Effectively

Home Remedies for Vaginal Odors

Vaginal odor is a common problem that many women have to deal with on a frequent basis. What is it? It is an unpleasant odor that originates from the vagina. Causes Vaginal odor may vary throughout your menstrual cycle and may be especially noticeable right after having sex. Normal sweating also can cause a vaginal odor. Here are some effective home remedies for vaginal odors Apple Cider Vinegar Apple cider vinegar contains amazing antibacterial and antiseptic properties that can help fight vaginal odor. Taking a bath with apple cider vinegar can help fight off the toxins and bacteria that cause vaginal odor while restoring the acidic quality of the vaginal flora. Try drinking a glass of water mixed with one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar daily or mix two cups...

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5 Foods That Prevent Yeast Infections

By LEAH POLAKOFF The nasty burning itch, the red irritated skin, the unmistakable discharge: Yep, you have a yeast infection. Before you resign yourself to taking meds, head to your kitchen. Candida yeast, the culprit behind these fungal infections, can be quelled by eliminating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates and eating ones loaded with vitamins, healthy fats, and probiotics. The following foods are all proven candida combaters, as described in the new book Eat for Extraordinary Health & Healing. But remember that it's always wise to visit your doctor since other conditions can have similar symptoms to yeast infections.  Extracts from papaya seeds Extracts from papaya seeds and leaves have been shown to nix fungus and prevent yeast infections. Plus, it's loaded with vitamin C—115% of your daily value,...