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Review – Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist

Filled with mysticism, mystery, adventure and romance, you might want to put "Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist " on your vacation reading list. “Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist” is an intriguing story that identifies the characters past-present situations and how they amazingly impact their present circumstances.  I found this book to be very intriguing. Packed with romance, excitement, and the element of surprise, I especially enjoyed how “Sessions: Memoirs of a Psychotherapist” gives you the ability to enjoy several types of genres all in one book. Get ready to be obsessed by this 270 page-turner Dr. Addy Conrad, a psychologist, encounters the ethical minefield common to private practice. Susan, a professional and mother with whom Addy identifies, is torn by a traumatic childhood. But Susan is more complex than...

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