Hate It? Remove It: A Definitive Guide to Hair Removal Techniques and Methods

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Hate It? Remove It: A Definitive Guide to Hair Removal Techniques and Methods

When hair removal is at the discussion table, it is sure to elicit strong, diverse opinions. Some people like to leave their hair and grow it naturally, while others, especially women, prefer to remove unwanted hair scattered throughout their bodies. These second type of people just feel that they have too many wayward hairs that need to be managed.

Indeed, hair removal has become part of the regular beauty routine for some people. But what’s the best technique and method to remove unwanted hairs from your body?

There are several ways people used to remove hairs. There is shaving, threading, waxing, but new technologies have come up now that can easily remove hairs without pain, even treatments that will stop hair growth on a particular part of the body. Here are several methods and techniques for hair removal you need to know.


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Shaving is a hair removal method that uses a sharp razor to cut the undesirable hair off your skin’s surface. You can apply this method to virtually any part of your body where hair grows, and it is often the go-to method, especially for men when it comes to home remedy hair removal.

You will dish out only a little money if you shave. What you only need is shaving cream and a razor, and you are good to go. It is effective for short-term hair removal, keeping hair away for three or five days at best. It is also painless when done properly.


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Waxing is a method of removing hair from your body that involves applying wax over the hairy area, then putting a strip of cloth or paper strip to rip the hair out by the follicle. As it directly removes hair from the follicle, hairs appear to grow back slowly after waxing, keeping you hair-free for at least two to eight weeks.

Waxing is an excellent method for those persons who have dark or coarse hair. The only disadvantage is that the waxing process is a bit painful. It is also not advisable when it comes to hair removal in the eyebrow area, or if your skin is sensitive, as it may cause skin damage.


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Threading is an ancient hair removal method that has been used in countries in Asia for centuries. This method of removing hair involves using a cotton thread twisted around every hair strand, then pulling out that hair at the root.

Most women use this method to have their eyebrow or annoying facial hair removed. Threading is less likely to cause skin damage, as it is gentler on skin than waxing, tweezing, or shaving.

Depilatory Hair Removal Cream

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A depilatory cream is a simple, cost-effective product to remove unwanted hairs. You just apply the formula to the hairy area, and leave it for several minutes, then remove the plastic instrument and rinse it with water.

Using depilatory cream is less painful than waxing, and unlike shaving, you will be sure there is no bloodshed. The results will also last longer. The only catch about using depilatory hair removal cream is that it can trigger skin allergies or damage because of its thioglycolate content.

Electrolysis Method

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Electrolysis hair removal uses a very fine probe or needle inserted into the hair follicle to destroy the root with an electric current. The usual areas treated with electrolysis are the face, eyebrows, thighs, abdomen, breasts, and legs.

The electrolysis hair removal method is the closest to permanent hair removal treatment. It is also faster and the most effective. The only disadvantage is that it can cause skin damage when the treatment is not handled properly. So you must see a medical professional to do the treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Machine

A laser hair removal machine is a concentrated beam of light is aimed at hair. The light is absorbed by the pigment, which damages the follicle enough to retard future growth. Lasers can remove hair for anywhere from several months to years, as the results differ widely from person to person.

Ouch Factor:

Depending on a person’s pain tolerance, lasers can feel like a gentle pinch or the snap of a hot rubber band.

Keep In Mind:

  • The procedure isn’t permanent. “Hair grows in indeterminate cycles, and it needs to be caught in the growth phase for the procedure to be effective.
  • A post-zap breakout is common because the treatment leaves hair follicles open for a few days. An OTC hydrocortisone cream or antibacterial lotion will prevent blemishes.
  • Tanning-from either the sun or a bottle is a no-no before a laser treatment since darker skin absorbs the light before it can reach the follicles.


There are people who do not like to have too much hair on their bodies. So, hair removal is their solution. In fact, hair removal has become a part of our regular beauty regimen. But before you try any hair removal method, it is essential that you know of the various methods of removing hair from your body to know what is safe and best for you.

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