The Working Moms Guide For Looking Younger Than Your Age

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The Working Moms Guide For Looking Younger Than Your Age

The ageless actress, Julianne Moore, once said about being a mother: “It’s not difficult to take care of a child; it’s difficult to do anything else while taking care of a child. Trying to clean up the kitchen after you’ve had a baby is a nightmare.” And, we bet you can’t even find the time to look into the mirror and examine yourself. We guarantee signs of skin aging may have been creeping up on you and you barely noticed.

Beauty 911 For The Hardworking Mom 

As high-performing as you are at work while simultaneously managing your household effectively, you may have entrusted the fate of your aging skin to a single beauty bottle to do all the skin-pampering for you. It’s no surprise therefore that you woke up this morning, overcome by an overwhelming disbelief at the sight of your deep, dark eye circles, puffy eye bags, wrinkles on the corner of your eyes, rings on your neck, and lines on your chest.

Since no anti-aging product can take on the beating of senescence and environmental damage alone, you need to fill your arsenal with the appropriate weapons to win your personal battle with aging and always look younger than your real age.

Here is a 5-point strategy that we recommend:

Don’t Stop Aging.

You will never win the war on aging if this is your main purpose. That’s because aging is out of your control. Instead, work to delay the signs of skin aging and slow down the rate at which your wrinkles and eye bags appear. This way, you don’t keep frustrating yourself by keeping your expectations realistic so you can always keep your eye on an achievable price.

Re-Evaluate Your Routine.

If you seriously think that you shouldn’t be growing wrinkles and age spots at this point in your life, time to go back to your routine and take a closer look. Answer this truthfully: “When was the last time that you revamped your routine?” If it’s the same regimen that you’re mother taught you as a teenager, goodness! It is time for you to revamp your personal skin care program!

Get On a Routine That Responds To Several Key Factors.

Numero uno of which is your birth age but also considering your skin age, most especially if you’re beset by premature aging. You also need to determine your skin type and prioritize your skin issues. Oily skin types need a different regimen from dry skin types, in the same way, that a 30-year old skin requires a different kind of care than that of a 50-year old.

Where women often get themselves trapped in an unending cycle of skin issues is when they try to solve all of it at once. If you have acne issues, deal with that first. Once you’ve successfully cleared and maintained your skin, that’s when you should get on an anti-aging routine. It helps you focus your resources on addressing one problem at a time but also minimizes your risks for irritations and further skin damage.

Put Premium On Protection And Maintenance.

Always think about how you can protect your skin right now, such as from UV and free radicals — the two major external causes of aging, instead of finding the next best solution to instantly smoothen out your wrinkles or plump your sagging skin. A potent eye cream with cell-communication enhancing peptides never undermines the importance of making healthier lifestyle choices too.

Transform Into Your Healthier Self.

Take a more systemic approach to your anti-aging regimen. It’s a simple equation: healthy body equals healthy skin — and, you can’t get away without it. Even in your hectic schedule, you can find ways to cut-down on your chores by sharing the load with your husband and other family members but also, by outsmarting the tasks that need to be done. Buy yourself more time to be able to take care of yourself too. Pour in some effort because it’s for your own health and well-being. 


The next time you contemplate about splurging on a US $200 bottle of face serum, ask yourself, “What have I invested in my body?” If you haven’t already invested in it, try it. You’ll find out that it often practically takes zero amount of dollars and your full commitment to stay healthy and always younger than your real age.

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