Can PRP Injections (P-Shot) Really Give You a Bigger Penis?

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What an Erection! Increase Sexual Satisfaction with the P-Shot

Can PRP Injections (P-Shot) Really Give You a Bigger Penis?

Stacey Chillemi: Tell us about your practice.

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: We started our Metabolic/Functional medicine practice approximately 7 years ago with the hopes to introduce more natural methods for treating common complaints that were not being fully addressed by conventional medicine. Initially, we focused on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and weight loss but then evolved to treating toxicities, nutritional deficiencies, imbalance of neurotransmitters, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto-immune illnesses, food sensitivities and most importantly, how to help our patients reach optimal health and sense of well-being.

SC: What is the P-Shot (PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma procedure)?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: The P-Shot procedure was created by Dr. Charles Runels to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.  The procedure uses platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s own blood and this is injected into specific areas of the penis using a painless method. This platelet-rich plasma helps to improve the circulation of blood to the penis by regenerating new vessel growth. Men who have undergone this procedure are able to obtain an erection with decreased or no use of ED medications, have noticed an increased penis girth and size of approximately 10-15%, have longer-lasting erections and better orgasms. The effectiveness of the P-Shot is also dependent on men having optimal testosterone levels.

SC: Why did you become interested in the P-Shot (PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma procedure)?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that we see in men, especially those with a history of diabetes, hypertension, peripheral vascular disease, smoking, heart disease, chronic pain syndromes with long-term opioid use and those taking certain prescription medications such as anti-depressants and certain blood pressure medications. Andropause, the male version of menopause, which leads to low testosterone levels, is also a contributing factor for erectile dysfunction and is often left untreated. Along with optimal hormone replacement, the P-Shot offers the ability to use a more natural approach using the patient’s own healing capabilities. There are many potential side effects of prescription and over the counter, supplements being used to help with erectile dysfunction and they do not work at times and do not offer lasting results. Penile implants have been efficacious for some patients but most men are reluctant to have a foreign apparatus surgically inserted.

SC: How can the P-Shot (PRP) improve a person’s life?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: Erectile dysfunction may negatively impact a man’s self-esteem that can lead to depression or anxiety, as well as stress if they are involved in an intimate relationship. The P-Shot can help with many of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction by providing men with a more natural method to increase blood flow to the penis and therefore obtain an erection without the use of medications or implanted pumps.

SC: What other treatments do you perform?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: In addition to our medically managed weight loss program, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, toxicity evaluations, nutritional deficiencies evaluation, food sensitivity testing, and neurotransmitter balancing, we are able to customize vitamin infusions to treat migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, vitamin deficiencies after weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass, lap band or sleeve as well as patients with absorption problems from Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis. We offer a protocol for Lyme as well as other viral and bacterial infections using colloidal silver hydrosol. Other PRP treatments include the P-Shot which is the male version of the O-Shot for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction as well as the Vampire Face Lift and Vampire facial to treat volume loss and aging process of the face and injections into the scalp for hair regrowth.

From a cosmetic aspect, we are also trained in injectable fillers and Botox to help minimize the signs of aging as well as laser treatments for hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, acne, small broken capillaries and skin tag removal.

SC: Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, you have an excellent reputation in the medical field – in regard to the results you get in functional medicine and as a doctor who relates well with other fathers, since you are a father yourself. Are you satisfied with all that you’ve accomplished?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: I am very happy with what we have accomplished since the start of our functional medicine practice and how it has grown. We have been able to help many patients get back to feeling great by focusing on individualized treatment plans. I have seen many men come through our doors, some fathers like myself, who are experiencing the physical and mental stresses of aging and of their daily lives and we are very fortunate to be a part of their journey to better health.

SC: What about the sentiment expressed by those who think we should not interfere with the natural aging process?  What are your thoughts on the subject?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: I think that if you are aging gracefully, without any major problems, then there is likely no need to intervene and you should let nature take its course. Unfortunately, not everyone is that lucky and it is a very personal decision whether or not to use natural alternatives to help with the symptoms related to the aging process. Metabolic and Functional medicine treatments are not meant to turn back the clock and make patients look like they did in their 20’s or 30’s. Instead, it is about maximizing your health potential so that you can enjoy life and feel great on the inside and the outside.

SC: What benefits do you see in your patients who have undergone the P-Shot?

p shot before and after pictures

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: Men report stronger and longer lasting erections as well as a decreased to no need to use prescription medications to obtain an erection. Their orgasms are also described as more enjoyable as well as an enhanced sensation for their partners. There is a noticeable enlargement of the penis reported which can be anywhere from 10-15%. Some clients report better urinary stream as well as decreased urinary leaking although that is not the intent of the P-Shot.

SC: Where can people go to learn more about your practice and the procedures and services you have to offer?

Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician: Our website is and our office phone number is (973) 447-4380 should they want a person to speak to about our practice and our services.

Bio of Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila, M.D. Physician


Dr. Paul Dell’Aquila completed his undergraduate studies at Drew University receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology in 1982.  In 1986, he obtained his medical degree from Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Mexico fulfilling his dream to become a Physician. Dr. Dell’Aquila completed his residency at Hackensack Medical Center, Hackensack New Jersey and joined his father, Frank, in 1990.

He is Board certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine. His professional memberships include Fellow American College of Physicians, Member American Geriatrics Society, Member American Medical Directors Association, Fellow American College of Physicians, and Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Dr. Dell’Aquila also dedicates his time and has a great interest in educating future clinical professionals. He volunteers his expertise, knowledge, and experience as a Clinical Preceptor for Seton Hall University Physician Assistant students and Nurse Practitioner students from University Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  In a never-ending quest for knowledge to better serve his patients, Dr. Dell’Aquila has advanced Fellowships in Functional and Integrative Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and has obtained his Master of Science in Metabolic and Functional Medicine offered through the University of South Florida Medical School.

Dr. Dell’ Aquila also has extensive experience in a multitude of cosmetic procedures. Dell’ Aquila is certified in Facial Rejuvenation Therapy utilizing Dermal Fillers.  He is also certified with Aesthetic Advancements, Inc. in Facial Enhancement and Facial Anti-Aging treatments using BOTOX Cosmetics®.  He completed Laserscope Advanced Laser Systems training for the treatment of Acne, Enhanced Skin Rejuvenation, Vascular and Pigmented Lesions, Leg Veins, and Hair removal.  Dr. Dell ‘Aquila was voted New Jersey Top Doctor in 2007 and is fluent in Spanish.

Dr. Dell’Aquila philosophy: Always striving for a sense of balance within his practice, Dr. Dell’Aquila prides himself on helping his patients achieve their personal best both inside and out. “I listen to my clients and together create an individualized plan to attain the best approach to their health. The purest form of enjoyment for me is the happiness and satisfaction expressed by my patients.” He is a physician who helps people become healthier and better in different aspects of life.

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