Foods That Fight Migraines

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Foods That Fight Migraines

If you’re a migraine sufferer like me, you are constantly looking for prevention ideas. Depending on what your triggers are — wine, cheese, chocolate, etc. — you may spend most of your time focusing on what not to eat, in addition to other measures like getting enough sleep, exercising, and avoiding stress. But how about foods that help, not hinder, your headache woes? You’re in luck, because I’ve rounded up five foods that help prevent migraine misery.


Millet is one of many whole grains that are part of a healthy, migraine-free life, and it contains magnesium, which kicks migraines to the curb.


When it comes to coffee, it’s a love/hate relationship. Caffeine can give you migraine relief (it’s a major ingredient in many headache meds), but when taken excessively, it can actually cause migraines. Moderation is key!


An anti-inflammatory diet is beneficial to preventing migraines, so flaxseeds, with their omega-3s (and fiber to boot!), are your new food friend.


Also packed with omega-3s, fish should be your go-to protein choice, and is much better for headache prevention than processed meats.


Riboflavin, or vitamin B2, is known to help in the battle against the migraine, so make like Popeye and load up on your spinach.

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