Top Tips to Correct Your Posture Before it is Too Late

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Top Tips to Correct Your Posture Before it is Too Late

Poor posture is not merely an aesthetic concern but can even lead to obesity and psychological stress. It may also result in severe back pain, which is already affecting over 80% of all Americans. The good news, however, is that specific workouts can help build strength and loosen tight muscles, a result that is noticeable in just a few weeks, according to an article on Harvard Health Publishing. Our posture impacts our health more than we might imagine and use the right gear, like back support braces, which can offer immense benefits.

Slouching, in particular, puts pressure on the neck and lower back, leading to chronic complications. It can be corrected by sitting straight, but this is easier said than done. Using a back support brace can offer relief from back pain, while providing adequate support with steel plates to remain in an upright position with relaxed muscles, according to experts at Aidfull. Besides using back & posture support, here are a few other measures to help you maintain good posture.

Avoid Slumping

Slumping is where the upper body or the torso is collapsed forward, especially while using the phone or laptop for hours. It also often results in a “text neck,” which is a modern term to describe an injury to the neck muscles, caused by excessive use of mobile phones. One way to avoid this is to place a small cushion behind your mid-back to preserve the natural curve of the spine and bending the knees at a right angle, according to information shared on WebMD. Additionally, you can consider back & posture support products for optimal results.

Sleep in the Right Position

Not sleeping in the right position can strain your muscles and spinal cord. Therefore, be mindful to keep your hip flexors stretched properly. For this, ensure your lower back and neck are aligned at night. Otherwise, your muscles might try to overcompensate for the pain, resulting in a distorted spine. Sleeping correctly can keep your body from getting locked unnaturally and prevent stiff shoulders or neck in the morning.

Avoid Reclining While Driving

Before starting, try to pull the seat towards the steering wheel. This will take the tension off your shoulders and lower the chances of back pain. Reclining while driving can put a strain on your upper back and neck, leading to stressed ligaments. So, if you are to drive for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch, consider lower a back brace, lower lumbar belts & spine support. These can help repair your back muscles, keep you comfortable for the longest time, and stop you from slouching.

Stand at Regular Intervals

A study by the University of Leicester found that 52% of the people using a standing desk at work experienced improved productivity. Consider standing while working to experience healthy back muscles. It can ensure proper body weight distribution while keeping your neck, shoulders, and arms functioning optimally. This happens because the force of gravity is rightly aligned so that no particular muscle is overworked. However, you can wear a back support and sit down from time to time to avoid feeling tired or the legs swelling.

Keep your chin parallel to the floor and knees pointing ahead to help improve your balance. You can also try head retraction, bridges, and torso twists on alternate days to ensure good body posture.

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