Seven Reasons To Consider Pediatric Nurse Practitioner As A Career

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Seven Reasons To Consider Pediatric Nurse Practitioner As A Career

Nursing is a reputable profession that relates to the health and care of society. Health care system at a national level or a private health system, both need nurses to help take care of the patients so that the limited doctors that are available can tend to maximum patients. Without them, no health care facility can function efficiently.

Previously, people considered nurses as ordinary subordinates of any doctor with minimum responsibilities. But with the advancement, nurses have many more responsibilities. That is also because nurses spent much time with their patients than doctors. Hence they are more trusted by the patients. With the increase in population worldwide, there is also burgeoning demand for nurses as well.

However, there are various types of nursing, and each has its specialty in their fields. Some may choose to extend their career by advancing their education. One of the most in-demand fields nowadays is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. An advanced practice nurse practitioner that helps in serving medical care to newborns, toddlers, and young adults is in actual Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Nurses must specialize in their education to pursue a career in Pediatric Nurse. They need specialized training through Pediatric Nurse Programs (PNP). After the completion of their training, they can go for the certifications so that they can practice in Pediatric Care Specialty.

Moreover, there are two certifications available for Pediatric Nurse Practitioner provided by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. These include CPNC-PC and CPNC-AC. To choose this specific profession, you must know what do pediatric nurses do? And what their job responsibilities are. The Pediatric Nurse Practitioners diagnose the illnesses and plan treatments for their patients. They can also prescribe medications and provide care to the patient and their families.

According to recent research, the increasing number of PNPs means the increase in care as they are providing quality care to kids and infants. Also, PNPs are willing to work in rural population to cater to the needs of children in these areas. According to our research, there are about13,000 PNPs in the US. That helps them in building trust with their patients. Mostly sensitive, compassionate, and responsible people make the best PNPs.

Following are some reasons to choose Pediatric Nurse Practitioner as a career:

1. PNPs Work With Children

Pediatric nursing is one of the most challenging jobs since it requires to treat children with empathy, love, and much more attention than adults. Grown-up patients realize the need for therapy, medication, and health attention, but that’s not the case with children. Some kids can be demanding at times as they don’t understand the need for blood tests, treatment, medication, and vaccinations. Pediatric nurses use compassion while communicating with children to make them realize. Many PNPs enjoy their job as they get to spend time with kids and setting the framework for healthcare and making them comfortable.

2. Makes A Positive Impact

Many families need assurance and guidance from pediatric nurses about the physical and mental needs of their children. That gives a chance to pediatric nurses to make a positive impact on the situation as they provide assistance to the medical needs of children and guide the families about the treatment options available. Hence, this increases job satisfaction and job enrichment among PNPs. According to the outlet Clinical Advisor, most of the pediatric nurses working have high job satisfaction.

3. PNP’s Are Qualified Professionals

It is not easy to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. It requires years of education, practicing training, performing in clinical groups, and then earning a certification. Usually, a nurse practitioner, after completing their bachelor’s, starts working in different hospitals, alongside doctors to gain experience. After this, they again enroll in a more advanced degree to get their specialization done. When these PNPs start their job, they are already prepared and have the training. These years of experience drives as a motivating force for all individual nurses who want to prosper to a more high level.

4. Highly Paid

As the level of education increases, and the more specialized the nursing job gets, the higher the pay. It means that the investment done in earning an advanced degree can get you a high return on the investment. Pediatric nursing jobs are financially very lucrative, and their median annual salary is almost a six-digit figure. That helps the PNPs to settle themselves comfortably in cosmopolitan and rural areas, where there is a unique demand for them.

5. Autonomy

The nursing profession itself is an autonomous discipline. Though many have debated that nurses work under doctors or physicians, however, that’s not true. For nurses who want to have independence in their jobs, they need to have an advanced degree or an APRN certification. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner may perform their duties in a wide range of fields, including hospitals, private clinics, nursing houses, schools, and many others. They don’t necessarily have to work in a single workplace. They can even start their private clinics. The medical communities are granting more autonomy to these practitioners all over the US. Nurses make assessments of these patients and then make decisions based on these tests.

6. Growing Demand Of PNP

Reviewing the statistics of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and the growing population, it is really concerning many states still lack sufficient PNPs. Since the demands of childhood illnesses are increasing tremendously, so there is an increase in demand for PNPs. Some regions require more PNPs than others. These comprise California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania. For diagnosis of illness of children and catering to their emotional needs, nurses, more specifically, PNPs are high in demand these days.

7. Secured Job

Any profession that is in high demand also provides a secure job to an individual. The same is the case for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Another reason for a stable job is that robots cannot replace nurses. Therefore, nursing is a robot-proof job. Turning them will significantly affect the patients because they are cannot as safe and thorough as with the nurses. So we can safely say that PNPs are the best career option that provides a secure job for an individual.

Bottom Line

If you have a passion for care and love for children, then definitely Pediatric Nurse Practitioner is your go-to career. You can even open up your private clinic if you have the financial resources to do so. The job of pediatric nursing is a tough one considering the independent care they are providing to children and working along with the doctors to deal with complex illness. Hopefully, the

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