Choosing the Right Care Environment for Your Elderly Relatives

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Choosing the Right Care Environment for Your Elderly Relatives

When most people think of ‘care home’ they envision a very hot, stuffy place with plain walls and a rather drab feel, but this is not typical of most modern homes! Growing old is something that will eventually happen to all of us, and if you have an elderly relative, you will understand the need to invest in decent care options for them as they grow old gracefully. 

There are many different types of care communities, from assisted living for those who wish to live independently, right up to skilled nursing care options for elderly residents who require daily medical care. Caring Advisor senior communities is a great place to find out about the different options and see what is available in your state or further afield.

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Active Minds 

In all care settings, it’s important that elderly residents’ minds are kept active. Studies have shown that adults who keep mentally active with social learning and education are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who don’t do any form of educational learning.

Many care home facilities cater to this well-known need by offering educational trips and excursions for those residents who can get out and about. For those residents who may not be able to get out so easily, it’s not uncommon for many care facilities to offer a range of lectures and clubs, like arts and crafts, baking, book clubs, etc., to keep minds active.

That Homely Feel 

One of the most important factors to look out for in any care facility is their attitude to the word “home”. Feeling ‘at home’ is vital for residents to be happy, and happiness has been shown to help fight off disease. Feeling positive can, therefore, help residents live longer and healthier lives. 

Being comfortable in their surroundings and happy with the staff and other residents goes a long way to making elderly residents feel at home, and in turn, will help them feel happier and healthier along the way.

The Good Food Connection 

Proper nourishment can be very difficult to get as a person ages. It can be a tough mix between the body’s own response to vitamins and minerals diminishing, and the sheer physical ability to make good food from scratch anymore. 

Many good care facilities will have a selection of options for catering. From on-site cafes to a ‘meals on wheels’ service for those who are living more independently, it’s vital that elderly residents always have a selection of healthy and nourishing meals to eat, as well as the odd treat here and there!

Help with Chores 

Whilst some residents prefer to live more independently for as long as possible, the ability to do daily chores can become a deal-breaker. 

It needn’t be the case in many situations though. There are options in many assisted-living care facilities for all kinds of care staff to support. Be it the daily carer who will assist with the washing up, to full-time cleaners going in multiple times per day to cook and clean for elderly residents.

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