Cannabis Consumption: Why We Should Be Informed

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Cannabis Consumption: Why We Should Be Informed

In this article, you’ll learn and discover why we should be informed about cannabis consumption. 

Cannabis: The Basics

Cannabis—often referred to under a slew of nicknames such as pot, marijuana, weed, blaze, and Doobie—is a plant called cannabis sativa that is used to produce many products, most notably a psychotropic drug.

Cannabis comes in a variety of forms, such as dried leaves and dried resin. It is used most often by smoking, inhaling through a bong, or mixing it in with food. Like many plant species that have an incredible variety within it, different strains and forms of cannabis have different properties. Some have a more potent scent, for example. Although cannabis is one of the most popularly used recreational drugs, it is illegal in many countries, including Ireland.


Variables that Impact the Reaction

A variety of factors can shape how an individual reacts to a drug. Cannabis is no exception. The potency of the cannabis, method of use, and the environment in which it is taken are key. However, there are plenty of internal factors at play too, such as the user’s weight, size, mood, and what else they have ingested at the time. Clearly, there are many variables at play with regards to what will happen.


Potential Effects

Euphoria, relaxation, enhanced confidence, hunger, red eyes, laughing fits, loss of balance, and anxiety or paranoia are the most common short-term effects of cannabis.

There are some long-term complications to consider, too. Lung problems, such as lung cancer and bronchitis, may develop if cannabis is ingested via smoke or inhalants, much like with cigarette usage. The difficulty with memory and attention can intensify to a long-term complication and hinder in learning functions. Dependence may develop for regular users, creating an addiction akin to alcohol addiction. Increased mental health issues may occur, triggering illnesses such as depression or schizophrenia in individuals with a family history and medical predisposition to such diseases.



For issues regarding cannabis usage, contact organizations such as the Drugs and Alcohol Counselling and Information Service,,, and vaporizer blog. Blogs are a new, trending way to gain opinion and information on a variety of topics; cannabis is no exception. Honest information is good to have on hand to safe, risk-aware use.

In cases where addiction or abuse of cannabis is a concern, there are a variety of resources to consider: Narcotics Anonymous, Drugs, IE, and National Helpline. Also, consider speaking with a mental health professional in these circumstances.


Legal Perspectives

Depending on country and state of residence, cannabis’ legal status varies. Although commonly used, there are legal risks of taking cannabis in places where it is against the law. Having a criminal record has profound impacts on one’s life, particularly in terms of finding jobs and traveling. It is best to exercise a degree of caution when considering experimenting with this drug.

It is vital to be informed about anything put into the body, including food, beverages, medications, and recreational drugs. Virtually every substance has the potential to impact behaviors and perceptions. Being aware and informed is necessary to play an active role in health and well-being.

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