Foods That Can Help You Stay Erect and Sustain Stronger Erections

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Foods That Can Help You Stay Erect and Sustain Stronger Erections

Erectile dysfunction affects many men, despite being considered a taboo subject in many instances. For example, many people under the age of 40 are affected, 52 percent of those between the ages of 40 and 70 are afflicted, and the disease impacts more than 85 percent of those over 80.

If you have erectile dysfunction or impotence, as it is often referred to, the first step should be to seek expert treatment for the illness. Our diet and our use of alcoholic drinks and cigarettes might contribute to this. Following that, we’ll go through a number of nutrients that may be beneficial in the treatment of erectile dysfunction:


L-citrulline, which may be found in watermelon, is a dietary supplement that may help men get better erections. Vegetables such as pumpkins and cucumbers, among others, may contain this vitamin as well.

Turkey, chicken, peanuts, or soy

A few of these foods include arginine, an amino acid that has been shown to be quite effective in the treatment of moderate erectile dysfunction. It is doubtful that ingesting large amounts of arginine would result in spectacular erections since arginine is found in such little levels in the body, to begin with. Seeing a knowledgeable doctor is the most important step, and we’ve previously discussed the importance of the meals stated above.

Spinach and arugula

It is crucial for the formation of a decent erection because it increases blood flow to the genitals. Nitric oxide is produced by the body and is responsible for this improvement.


In order to get the most out of one’s sexual performance, vitamin D must be consumed daily. While this vitamin not only helps to reduce the chance of having erectile dysfunction, it also has the additional advantage of raising testosterone levels in the body.


In addition to being a superfood, pistachios should be included in any weight-loss regimen that intends to reduce weight. Pistachios have a high concentration of amino acids, which may assist to increase the creation of nitric oxide in the body by stimulating the formation of this gas.


According to a study, as compared to men who do not eat these foods, oranges reduce the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction by between 9 and 11 percent, depending on the individual.

At the end of the day, we are what we eat; thus, if we have nutritious meals, our sex life will be healthy as well, and the opposite is true as well, In the event that we have any health problems or are having difficulty with our sexual relations, we should check with a doctor. Happy sexual interactions are critical to our survival, and as such, we must not allow social stigmas to impede us from participating in healthy and gratifying relationships with one another.



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