Other Diarrhea Coping Strategies

One of the more serious complications of diarrhea is dehydration. When you have diarrhea for any length of time, take steps to avoid becoming dehydrated.

  • Look for liquids with sugar and salt, salt soups work well and can make you feel better.
  • Stay hydrated, you should consume enough liquid so that you make plenty of clear urine. If your urine is not clear, or you are not making much urine, you are not drinking enough.
  • In terms of diarrhea treatment, if you do not have an infection and are not seeing blood, you can take over-the-counter loperamide (such as Imodium, Kaopectate Caplet, and Maalox Anti-Diarrheal) to slow bowel movements. This kind of medication should only be taken for a day or two.

If diet and simple remedies don’t work and if symptoms persist for more than a few days and include bleeding, gas, and bloating, you should see your doctor. Your doctor can determine whether your diarrhea is caused by a more serious condition and recommend required treatment.