Things That Steal Our Motivation And How To Get It Back

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Things That Steal Our Motivation And How To Get It Back

Are you losing interest in your work or job? Do you get too bored during your work? Are you constantly procrastinating your essential tasks? Do you feel these are just normal mood swings or something else? If these conditions persist for a longer period, then I fear, you might be suffering from “Demotivation”. A wife gets motivated when she is praised by her family for carrying out her household perfectly. Similarly, a student is motivated by his teacher in for of applause for his achievements. Thus, motivation is an essential key to improve our work performance. In this encourageable and motivative narrative blog, we will discuss 10 things that steal our motivation and ways to get it back:

Choosing the Wrong goal

You have been brilliant in your studies all your life and now in practical life, you have the great hope of getting a good job. Fortunately, you find one. But what happens when you lose interest in your work? Think about it. Have you not been a little bit hasty in deciding on the wrong goal? Such a constant feeling of losing interest can demotivate you.

Get Motivated: It is time to review your goals. Think about things that interest you. Then look for a job that builds your interest.

Demotivated by being Envious of other success

This one very common reason for our demotivation. We see our colleague who had been working since the day we joined the same company, but he is promoting every year and we still in the same position. Feelings of jealousy might be evolved which is only harmful to you.

Get Motivated: To get motivated, you learn from that colleague’s success. You may discuss the ways how he succeeds.

Influences of past accidents or mishaps

Some of us might have gone through some really bad and tragic experiences in our past. These could be in the form of some accidents where we might have suffered from a physical disability. We are so overwhelmed by the feeling of disappointment that we do not want to move forward. We can fix it by introspecting ourselves.

Get Motivated: We can consult with our psychotherapist. He may help to get us out of this phase.

Avoid monotony in your work

Now when you are doing the job of your interest and the office environment is quite positive around you, what is holding you back to work enthusiastically? The feeling of boredom that one gets out of monotonous work may lead him to permanent demotivation.

Get Motivated: You should take a break during work. You can divert your attention to some other task to boost your energy. This would motivate you a lot.

Consecutive failures: Time to fix it

Your consecutive failures can lead you to demotivate. You are reluctant to work anymore when you are not successful for such a long time.

Get Motivated: This has to be sorted out by thinking over the reasons for your failures. Have you been working hard? Were you determined in your goal? A motivated person always accepts his flaws and failures and learn from such failures.

Demotivation can make people very lonely

A man is designed as a social creature. Since due to current pandemic COVID-19, most of us are working from home. Earlier, when the cabinet system was introduced in offices, employees used to feel a bit cabin-feverish and he used to take a break and go out. Now when we are working from home, we are missing our social gathering where we used to discuss our work and get motivated.

Get Motivated: You need to take time to talk to your loved ones and meet if possible to get motivated.

Fears are a threat to demotivation

A demotivated person develops a strange kind of fear which keeps him persistently doubtful. Fears of being rejected, humiliated, failure surround him.

Get Motivated: He needs to be motivated by confronting all such fears bravely. He must understand that these fears are baseless and are great hindrances in his path of success.

Unable to face Negative Criticism

Demotivated people are so weak at heart that they cannot bear negative criticism. It is a general fact, that we always get a two-sided opinion about our work performances. If somehow, criticism is more than appreciation, we get demotivated.

This can be fixed if we take such criticism positively. We can be motivated by improving our work for better productivity.


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