Top Tea Remedies for Cold Sores

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Top Tea Remedies for Cold Sores

Top Tea Remedies for Cold Sores

What Are Cold Sores?

Cold sores are also known as fever sores that occur around the mouth. The herpes virus causes cold sores and once you have them you will continue to have them throughout your life. This form of herpes is non-life threatening and they can be treated with a variety of methods from over the counter medications to common folk remedies. The virus is transmitted from one person who has an outbreak to another, so don’t kiss someone while you have the cold sores or they’ll probably get this type of herpes as well. It is also important to avoid exposure to the sun and reduce stress as these things inhibit your recovery from the sores.

The cold sores appear as small red blisters around the edge of the mouth and on the lips. After they have appeared they may weep a little and eventually form a scab. It is important to wash your hands if you touch the sores. It is also advisable to replace your toothbrush after the outbreak has ended.

Tea Bag Remedy for Cold Sores

The tea bag remedy for cold sores has been around as long as people have been suffering from these uncomfortable sores. While no one knows exactly who came up with this folk remedy, the bottom line is that it seems to work. The object is to use a warm tea bag that has been soaked through then squeezed out, cooled until warm to touch and then press it to the area where the sores are. This hot compress on cold sore can be applied as often as needed for up to 30 minutes per tea bag. People usually feel some relief after the first application of the tea bag. The application of the tea bag can be done as soon as you feel the sore forming to after it has erupted.
Another tea bag remedy is specifically using the Earl Grey tea bags. Using this method, add the tea bags to boiling water and allow them to sit in the water for a few minutes. Pull the tea bags out of the boiling water and then place in a container in the refrigerator. Once the tea bags are completely cooled, squeeze out the extra water and apply these cold compresses to the cold sores, leaving them on for at least 20 minutes at each use. According to this method, the cold sores should clear up within four to five days. Earl Grey tea is made with bergamot oil, which may aid in the healing of the cold sores.

Earl Grey tea can be found at your local grocery store or purchased from the following online tea merchants:

  • Stash Tea
  • Special Teas
  • Teas Etc.
  • Tea District
  • Boston Tea

Additional Herbal Remedies for Cold Sores

If you find that tea bags don’t do the trick, there are other folk remedies that utilize familiar herbs. They are:
Lemon balm and St. John’s Wort can be applied as a tincture to the affected area. Dab on several times daily until the sores disappear. This herbal remedy may also be found commercially in topical creams or salves. The infusion can be made of ¼ teaspoon of either of these herbs and ¾ cup of warm water.
Licorice root may be used as an infusion. Take a ¼ teaspoon of powdered licorice root and ¾ cup of warm water and mix thoroughly. Hold in the mouth for one minute and swish around, then spit it out. Repeat in the morning and evening until the cold sores have disappeared.
Herbal remedies, such as using tea bags to treat cold sores, are a non-invasive way to treat common maladies. The ingredients are easy to obtain and do not require a physician’s prescription. It is important to note that your physician should approve all herbal remedies that you want to take internally, especially if you are taking any prescription medications.
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