RAW and SIMPLE DETOX: A DELICIOUS Body Reboot for Health, Energy, and Weight Loss

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RAW and SIMPLE DETOX: A DELICIOUS Body Reboot for Health, Energy, and Weight Loss

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Also available as a Kindle; ISBN: 978-1592539819, $24.99 176 pages

I found this book to be very informative and motivational. Packed with informative information on how to create delicious smoothies, salads, soups and meals, which can detox your body to help prevent, treat, and overcome illnesses, diseases and promote weight loss.  This book includes tons of delicious recipes, which not only taste good, but they are healthy and they will help you lose weight too.

Judita Wignall’s book, RAW & SIMPLE DETOX: A DELICIOUS Body Reboot for Health, Energy, and Weight Loss,” gave me the insights to understanding how we can detox and heal our body naturally by consuming the right foods.  The information concerning Pre-Game (right before you begin the detox) is a critical factor to staying healthy, detoxing effectively and losing weight. One important factor I learned from this book is that you need to make sure you eat the right foods.  Eating the right foods can help promote energy, memory improvement, improve medical conditions and even prevent illnesses from occurring along with losing weight.  Creating a healthy lifestyle and eating right can change your entire life and it is imperative that you eat right and take care of your body on a daily basis not just when you detox.

Each chapter provides critical information to help you detox, cleanse and reboot your body so it can function at its maximum capacity. The books begins with an eye-opening introduction as Judita Wignall teaches you how badly society is suffering from our polluted environment and terrible toxins that surround us in our food, air water and so forth.  Wignall provides easy to understand facts and research that makes you realize that what we put in our body vitally affects the way we look and feel and can affect our lifespan too.

The book consists of four important chapters.  Chapter 1 explains what a raw detox is; chapter 2 discusses how to begin your detox (preparations, tips tools and techniques) to help you reach success. Chapter 3 goes over the detox plan and show you how to do it in a simple to understand approach and chapter 4 supplies you with tons of delicious recipes to use while you detox.

Wignall not only provides you with delicious recipes for a success detox, she explains throughout the book why many of these foods are beneficial to our bodies.  These recipes are not only beneficial to the body, but they are delicious, as I have tried several myself.

She guides you step by step telling you how to prepare and make each recipe.  Her recipes are clear, concise, and easy to follow.

Judita Wignall’s natural, holistic approach to healing the body through detoxifying the body and losing weight is simply brilliant and effective. She helped me realize that WE control our bodies. We can change the way we look and feel by providing our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients we need through the foods we eat and we can make it fun and delicious by combining many fruits and vegetables together to make a smoothie and other unique recipes which I thought were delicious.   We do not need to rely on over-the-counter or prescription medications.  We need to rely on ourselves. The food we put into our body plays a powerful role on how we look and feel.

I am excited toward to try many of these new recipes, especially the smoothie recipes that help to promote detoxification and weight loss.  I have tried the smoothie recipes and the shakes and I must say I felt energetic, my stomach went down and I did not look bloated.  I was so excited!

I enjoyed how the book provides you with informative information explaining how different foods can detox your body and help reboot your entire body, so it can function at its best.  I love how the book teaches you how you can detox naturally using certain foods.  Judita Wignall’s recipes are brilliant and amazingly delicious.

This book can definitely help you to achieve and maintain optimum health. If you take the time to prepare your meals, excluding the unhealthy foods from your diet and including the recipes in Judita Wignall’s book then I am confident that you’ll notice a change in how you look and feel.

The recipes included were remarkable.  The book captured my interest and it has motivated me to use these recipes and similar ones on a day-to-day basis.

In addition, through reading this book I realize no matter what age you are you can detox your body.   If you have time to watch, TV or go shopping then you, have their time to put aside to care for your body the way you should. With all the toxins that surround us and all the unhealthy additives and preservatives in our foods we should detox more often to help the body, so it is able to work more efficiently.  Everyone should read this book and follow its advice, recipes and instructions.

Judita Wignall’s book is an excellent book.  It is packed with phenomenal information, recipes and easy-to -follow directions. I found this book to be informative, motivating and was enjoyable to read. This book may be just what the doctor ordered for anyone who has a quest to lose weight, stay healthy and maintain optimum health.  I recommend this book to others.

~ Author Stacey Chillemi

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