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Natural soaps like EO are made from purified water, essential oil blends, Glycerin pure vegetable oils such as rice bran, olive, coconut, cocoa butter and shea butter whereas other soaps (synthetic soaps) are full of artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives animal fats and petroleum products that can never be good for skin. Soaps other than natural soaps have harsh detergents and chemicals causing cancer. The soap makers try to make these soaps very attractive and full of appealing fragrance but it has no such qualities, which should be there in soap. These soaps make your skin dry and itchy. The natural soaps manufacturers are dependent on the plant-based ingredients for soap making which makes your skin soft and smooth.

The essential benefit of the natural soaps is the true benefits of aromatherapy added in the soap. This soap (EO), which includes aromatherapy products, is simply good for your body because the body absorbs whatever is applied on the skin. The handmade soaps with essential oils will retain the natural oil of the skin and the spa soap make wonders by pampering your skin making it supple, the essential oils will work wonders on your skin and proved to have improved emotional well-being and immune system.

What the reviewer thought

Previously, my youngest son was getting the dry and itchy skin. After using, the soap only once he noticed that his skin was not dry and itchy as it usually is after he bathes or showers. After using the product for a week, we noticed that his skin was smooth and soft. His skin no longer appeared, red, dry and flaky.

Michael who is in high school and my husband Mike used it to shower and shave and they were pleased with the product as well. All three had moist skin and none of them experienced any dryness, itchiness, or red irritated skin with this soap product.

Out of all the soaps, they tried in the past they said they liked everyone soap for every man the best and I was glad because it is all-natural and does not carry all the artificial ingredients that other soaps do. Both my husband and two sons highly recommend it.

I found everyone soap for every man to be very beneficial.

You can find everyone lotion For Every Man on the Internet at http://www.eoproducts.com

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