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Medical Marijuana

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  • THC vs CBD: The Main Differences (Infographic)

    THC and CBD are just two out of 100 helpful cannabinoids in marijuana. Both of these cannabinoids are found in medical and recreational marijuana, but their levels usually differ from strain to strain. Cannabinoids found in marijuana positively influ

  • Spice-In-Up Your Green Smoothie with Your Favorite CBD Oil

    Yes, You Can Add Raw CBD Oil To Your Green Smoothie Looking for a way to change up your green routine? Want to feel be more healthy, relaxed, maybe even become pain-free? Here’s one of our favorite recipes to utilize the goodness of nature for

  • The Benefits Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: Making a Healthier You

    Full spectrum hemp oil, like the kind available from companies like Panther Wellness, is an excellent part of any daily health and wellness regimen. From Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to Full Spectrum Hemp Capsules, a daily dose of these products will not o

  • How Chill CBD Gummies Can Help With Pain

    Everyone is talking about Chill CBD Gummies these days. Anecdotal evidence, as well as the growing body of research, shows that CBD (cannabidiol) is useful for inflammation and anxiety. But most of all, people use CBD for chronic pain. CBD is one of

  • What Hemp Oil Can and Cannot Do for Your Pain

    Hemp seed oil, comes in many forms these days, but what can hemp oil do for pain? Many people, when they think of hemp oil think of hemp moisturizers, hemp creams, and hemp body scrubs.  And while these may be the crucial anti-aging extracts that co

  • Does Marijuana Really Help People with Epilepsy and Other Conditions?

    Published in the Huffington Post November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month.  There are many actions you create take to spread the important and accurate information about epilepsy throughout the world.  Share this article with friends and famil

  • CBD Oil and its Use in the State of Texas

    What is CBD oil? CBD oil (short for cannabidiol oil) is an extract of cannabidiol that is alleged to provide the health benefits of cannabis (such as easing inflammation, relieving pain, helping to treat epilepsy, and managing anxiety) but without th

  • 5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Women

    The medical field is one of the fastest growing sectors. Thanks to the advanced technology they have been able to make numerous breakthroughs, one of that being the cannabidiol. It is commonly known as CBD, is a natural treatment that has been tested