Three Tips for Men with Thick Hair

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Three Tips for Men with Thick Hair

All men around suffer from thinning hair, and it seems that you are the only one who doesn’t know how to cope with your thick mane? Thick hair is often associated with fuzzy curls and coarse texture; there for sure should exist a remedy to deal with it. Barbers at New York City barber shops are ready to share their secrets with you.

Tip #1 More Moisture

Due to the hair texture, the scalp’s oil can hardly reach the ends of the hair, so they are usually dry and tend to split. If it is about your hair, barbers at New York City barber shops recommend purchasing products which provide additional moisture. For example, it can be a shampoo and conditioner with avocado extracts. This ingredient is full of vitamins (A, B6, C, and K), protein, and folate.

Tip #2 Work with the Texture

If you have thin hair, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to wear short hair. Ask your barber to remove the weight of thick hair with the help of thinning shears. This tool will help to remove the thickness and at the same time preserve the length.

Tip #3 Forget About Blow Dryer

Your hair is already thick and full, and you don’t want to add unnecessary volume, right? It is better to let your mane air dry to get a tamer look. Try to use a cotton t-shirt or pillowcase for gently rubbing your hair after the shower; towels are usually made of harsh fabric which causes hair to frizz.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy your thick mane!

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