Research Shows CBD Can Assist In Preventing Hair Loss

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Research Shows CBD Can Assist In Preventing Hair Loss

The history of cannabis use for medicinal purposes dates back to the dawn of human records and possibly even further. That said, the scientific community is only now thoroughly researching cannabis with the aim of quantifying its benefits and determining how best to use the plants and its products to accrue the full benefits that the plant yields.

In view of the recent research interest in cannabis, one component of the plant is taking center-stage – cannabidiol (better known as CBD). While researching CBD, it has emerged that CBD is very beneficial for the scalp and skin, yielding plenty of positives results especially with regards to halting hair loss.

Improving The Health Of Your Scalp Using CBD

According to research, CBD oil contains compounds that help the skin deal with conditions and illnesses such as dermatitis and eczema. These conditions are renowned for causing significant hair loss when they occur in the scalp.

CBD Helps Deal With Scalp Ailments

CBD is effective in negating inflammation of the scalp especially when applied directly. The benefit of this is the reduction of itchiness, which is known to cause hair loss. This anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been shown to help individuals suffering from psoriasis deal with the condition, thereby negate hair loss occasioned by scalp inflammation.

CBD also regulates sebum production on the scalp and skin. Sebum, important as it may be, needs to produce in the right quantities. Production of too much sebum will result in oily skin. Conversely, the production of too little sebum will result in dry skin. CBD is, therefore, good for people with oily skin and hair, dry skin and hair, and normal skin and hair, given that it helps regulate sebum production ensuring the quantities are produced.

CBD Can Enhance Hair Growth

For hair to grow with 100% efficiency, it needs to absorb a healthy balance of oils and moisture. In this regard, CBD can stimulate hair growth owing to its ability to provide the scalp and hair with essential fatty acids such as Omega-6 and Omega-3.


Hair Oil

CBD contains essential minerals such as iron and magnesium. These minerals facilitate and in some regards stimulate blood flow in the scalp. The nest result is consistent blood flow in the scalp ensuring the scalp is nourished with minerals that stimulate hair growth.

CBD Can Strengthen Hair

The structure of hair consists of the bulb, fiber, and root. The fiber is what many people consider to be hair. However, when you take a closer look, you can see the root. The bulb is buried in the scalp surface. These hair components are made of keratin, the same material your hair is made of.

CBD is effective at strengthening all these parts of your hair including your facial hair, ensuring the entire hair structure robust and strong. It does this by supplying the hair with a healthy dose of vitamins. CBD oil, especially full-spectrum CBD oil, has been found to have an ample supply of vitamin C, A, and E, which are powerful antioxidants. All these components keep the hair strong.

CBD And Your Daily Hair Care Routine

While the hair care market has numerous products available for hair care and hair growth purposes, there is no one-product-for-all. Everybody is different with different requirements and needs. Researchers are currently looking at full spectrum CBD oil as the only one-product-suits-all. While the full verdict of CBD oil in hair is yet to be published, all indications point to CBD being very beneficial, especially with regards to maintaining strong hair and healthy scalp and skin.

While it has limitations (it might not be effective in dealing with hair loss caused by genes), people should consider its use as a normal and, in fact, a necessary part of the daily hair care routine. If you notice some undesirable changes to your scalp, consider using CBD to improve the health of your hair and scalp.


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