5 Natural Remedies for Athletes with Sore Muscles and Joint Pain

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5 Natural Remedies for Athletes with Sore Muscles and Joint Pain

One of the worst feelings for an athlete is knowing there are going to be scouts out there in the audience, but they are suffering from muscle or joint pain that might interfere with their performance. Typically, the coaches know when the scouts are coming, so you should have some advance warning.

Even so, whether or not there are recruiters who found you on asmscholarships.com because you are looking for a scholarship, you still want to be on top of your game. Nothing hinders an athlete more than sore, stiff muscles and joints. You can’t take pain pills that will interfere with your game and you also know they simply aren’t good for you. However, there are some natural remedies that really work. Check these out!

1. Mineral Salt Soak

You can buy Epsom Salts at your local pharmacy for just a few dollars. Dissolve them in nice how water and sit back to let them do their magic. They work by lowering inflammation, but they also reduce muscle spasms and joint pain. You only need to add two cups to your bath water for effective relief. The combination of hot water and mineral salts will have you relaxed and feel better in no time at all.

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2. Ice or Heat Packs

Any athlete knows about the pain-relief they get from ice packs or heat packs because coach always has several on hand for players who get injured on the court or in the field. If you are serious about stepping up your game, know that you will need them from time to time after a particularly grueling game so keep some on hand at home as well.

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3. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You can buy Omega-3 supplements OTC at just about any pharmacy or grocery store, but it’s always better to try to get natural sources if possible. Fish like:

Are rich in the Omega-3 fatty acids and also grass-fed beef is a good source as well. The Omega-3s are extremely powerful antioxidants that work to reduce inflammation. Any athlete should be eating Omega-3 rich foods several times weekly.


4. Herbs with Anti-Inflammatory Properties

There are also anti-inflammatory herbs you could be using in your diet as well. Try using ginger and turmeric for seasoning foods and boswellia is an herb sold as a supplement. Not only does it relieve inflammation, but it is a natural painkiller as well.

5. Electrolytes

You already know about those sports drinks with electrolytes that keep you hydrated during a game, but did you know they also help to reduce muscular pain and cleanse the body of free radicals released after strenuous workouts? You especially need potassium and sodium, so check out veggies like dark leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes and berries. Keep these in your diet which will help to reduce muscle and joint pain once you’re suffering from them or can actually help to avoid them in the first place!

It’s silly to think you will never get injured or suffer pain, but with the right diet and a few natural pain-relieving remedies, you can keep muscle and joint pain under control. If you’re looking for a future in sports, it pays to know how to keep your body naturally fit and health. This is just a start, but something you can use now for that relief you need leading up to the next big game.

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