The Forgotten Ways in Which Water Boosts Sporting Performance

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The Forgotten Ways in Which Water Boosts Sporting Performance

Do you know that losing sweat equaling 2 percent of your body weight can cause a noticeable decrease in your mental and physical performance? Things get worse when you lose 5 percent of the same because it reduces your physical ability to work by up to 30 percent! These figures are not good news for any student engaging in sports. Moreover, you risk suffering from nausea and other abdominal challenges if you don’t take immediate action to rehydrate yourself.

In the remaining sections of our comprehensive post, our sports specialists will share out tips and insights regarding forgotten ways in which water can boost your sporting performance. As our post progresses, we shall look at how this all-important fluid can help you to maintain your performing power on the field. Do you want to discover more and take your sporting performance to the next level? If you do, they remain with us as we take this adventurous journey.

Better Body Temperature Regulation


When participating in any athletic activity, a rise in temperature is a normal occurrence. During such moments, a rise in temperature places extra and undue stress on your body and its physical functionality. This mounting stress and pressure can mess with the energy reserves your body needs to perform any sporting activity. Consequently, you will suffer reduced performance. Additionally, such stress affects negatively your body’s ability to recover lost energy and strength.

But how does a water change the equation? When you hydrate yourself adequately during and before sporting, you keep yourself safe from all these risks. This means you can perform better and recover from exhaustion quickly.

Energized Muscles


Muscles are significant players in all your sporting activities. That is why anything that interferes with their performance will definitely kill your sporting power. When you don’t hydrate your body well during sporting, you expose your muscles to undue fatigue. Why? Because your cells lose their ability to maintain their fluids balance. Also, it becomes hard for your body cells to maintain their electrolyte levels.

However, consuming enough water during athletics helps to re-energize your muscles. That is why it is needful to take adequate amount of water before and during your sporting activities. It is recommended that you start taking enough water early enough before starting your sporting engagements. Also, you have to drink water during the sporting process at different intervals. This will ensure that the sweating process does not reduce your sporting engagements. Moreover, the presence of enough water in your body system during athletics guarantees the restoration of fluids, which are necessary for the following:

  • The normal functioning of your muscles
  • The prevention of decreased physical output
  • The reduction or elimination of the risk of suffering heat stress

Can you see what many sporting students miss by neglecting this simple liquid? So, the ball is in your court to hydrate yourself sufficiently for better performance.

Regulation of Blood Pressure  

heart health

Pressure is a good word. However, when it applies to your blood, it can cause some jitters especially when it is in the two extremes of either being high or low. When sporting, blood pressure is one of those things that require special attention. When you hydrate yourself with water – not soda or other artificial beverages – you stand higher chances of enjoying better or healthier blood pressure. The reason is that water helps to regulate and regularize your blood pressure levels. Also, you enjoy regular and normal heart rate. Consequently, a healthy heart rate helps in the management of stress on your body in the two most important stages, namely:

With the above in place, you spare yourself the risk of suffering inflammation owing to excess stress on your body muscles. Also, you escape the possibility of suffering from poor recovery and performance.

Better Energy Movement

When engaging in athletics activities, energy movement is a critical consideration you cannot wish away. By taking enough water before and during athletic events, you allow your body to facilitate the free movement and transportation of essential energy nutrients. For example, essential micronutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins need fluids to transport them to all your body muscles. The smooth transportation of fats and carbohydrates, for instance, ensure that your body does not run out of necessary fuel for your sporting activities. Additionally, the availability of enough water in your body helps to flush out toxins from it. Remember, toxin and waste production heightens when you engage in heavy physical activities.

Enhanced Creativity and Thinking


So far, we have seen much about the physical ways by which water enhances your sporting activities. However, sporting also requires your brain’s input, and hence, we shift our focus to the mental aspect of its function. Taking an adequate amount of water aids in the transportation of oxygen and blood into your brain, thereby, enabling your brain to enjoy better performance. This happens because when your brain is functioning optimally, its creative power heightens. For instance, if you are playing soccer, basketball, or netball, you need a high level of creativity and fast thinking. You need to process things as a supercomputer while looking for gaps you can exploit to dribble past defenders and score – just like Messi or Mohamed Salah.

Better Focus and Concentration     


Lastly, taking enough water during sports ensures that you will enjoy higher degrees of focus and concentration. Just as we saw in the preceding point, you cannot optimize your creative and calculative power if your mind is not focused. Therefore, you need to focus to create things in your mind. With this, you have a balanced system where the mind and the body are energized and fired to perform better.

Do you still want to excel in your college sporting activities and even after your graduation? Then don’t forget this all-important liquid – water. We hope that the insights we have shared here will inspire you to optimize its forgotten, and many times ignored benefits to your sporting activities.



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