How Hemp Buds Make Aromatherapy More Effective

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How Hemp Buds Make Aromatherapy More Effective

Different plants tend to have a distinct scent, which is commonly referred to as an aroma. If you love natural spices, you have probably come across these scents. For instance, coffee has a unique aroma that you can smell and identify with your eyes closed. Likewise, the cannabis plant has some oils that produce various scents. Moreover, the cannabis plant has about 200 terpenes, and each one of these contributes to its natural aroma. The fruits, flowers, and buds are the most fragrant. 

CBD flowers aromas

The following are some of the aromas found in the hemp plant:


It is a dank smell that is the same as the sweet smell found in mangoes. This scent is also among the aromas found in cannabis.


The peels of most citrus fruits have this aroma, and the hemp plant also has this scent.


This aroma can best be described as the woody smell in the hemp plant


It is a strong fragrance found in both lavender and hemp buds.


 It is a tremendously rich aroma with a unique scent.


It is a pleasant woody smell that produces one of the terpenes in hemp buds.

What is aromatherapy? 

 Aromatherapy is an ancient therapy that now falls under the alternative medicine category. It is mostly the use of essential oils to relieve various symptoms. These oils are typically either diffused into the air or inhaled. Having established that hemp buds are pretty aromatic, they make aromatherapy more effective. 

According to studies, essential oils derived from hemp activate the amygdala in the brain and the limbic system. And since the olfactory system is endowed with cannabinoid receptors, it rapidly responds to cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol. This stimulates other processes that restore the balance in your body as well as strengthening the immune system. When these healing processes are triggered, the body is relieved of various symptoms.

Below is a list of the results you are likely to get from CBD therapy: 

  • Relaxation
  • Calmness
  • Skin health
  • Headache relief
  • Focus
  • Feeling re-energized

 When it comes to CBD aromatherapy, you have several options. For instance, you could choose a particular terpene such as linalool, limonene, or humulene. You may also opt for a flavonoid that’s rich in cannabidiol or THC. It all depends on the kind of relief you want. Hemp oil is an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t like the effects of THC. Such oils are typically blended with other carrier oils such as olive and almond oil. 

Shred CBD

Ways of administering hemp oil during aromatherapy


This method entails putting the hemp oil in steam pots and then inhaling.

Using a diffuser

The oils are put in a diffuser, which in turn spreads its distinctive aroma throughout a room.

Spraying the oils under the pillow

Spraying the potent hemp oil under the pillow is a great option, especially if you are going to do it at home.

 The use of hemp buds in aromatherapy is now becoming more popular. If you are an aromatherapy enthusiast who has yet to try hemp, you can rest assured that hemp buds increase the effectiveness of aromatherapy.


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