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I found this book to be very empowering, informative and motivational. This book is packed with loads of advice and guidance teaching readers how to dig deep into their souls and empower themselves mentally, physically and spiritually by connecting with their true inner self-using the power of journaling. Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live is filled with filled with fabulous insight on how to cope, overcome and turn your life around including great advice on obtaining spiritual connection and diminishing negativity from our lives, which not only helps you improve your inner self, but it will help you develop a happy, healthy and productive life. Mari L. McCarthy’s book, “Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want...


My 5-Step Formula for Thriving this Holiday Season

By Cyndi Lynne At some point, do you find yourself just trying to survive the holidays? That was my plan for many years until my "survival scheme" left me sick and in bed for the first week of January. I was always very excited about a few special events, then my calendar would start to fill with work obligations, school programs and distant relatives passing through town. I'd rationalize, it's only a couple weeks. But if you're like most of me, you feel the start of the holiday season somewhere around mid-November. So by the time we ring in the New Year, that's more than six weeks of so-called survival. I'm sure I should have prioritized better, but each event crept in, one at a time, and I...


A Powerful Woman

Personal power is not boastful or self-centered or egotistical or self-aggrandizing. It is the opposite. A woman who has owned her power is present when someone speaks to her. She makes direct eye contact and gives the speaker her full attention. She isn’t thinking about anything else. When you speak to a powerful person, you feel blessed and satisfied. You feel known and received. Personal power is not striving. It is completely rooted in the present moment without any thought to another moment and without an agenda. Personal power acts like a cylinder. Energy moves through it without direction or block. With personal power there is no room to be self-hating; that is too ego-centered. Power is allowing, not directing or wishing or determining. Power is about...


Home Remedies For Diarrhea

It is best to eat thicker, bland foods, including oatmeal, bananas, plain rice and applesauce. It’s best to consume foods that that are unlikely to give the stomach too much work or be uneasy to digest. Avoid fatty foods, dairy, artificial sweeteners and old food. Toast, plain crackers, pretzels, baked chicken without skin and fat, probiotics, boiled potatoes are safe. Having diarrhea on occasion is nothing to worry about. Diarrhea causes can range from stomach flu to a meal or just an ingredient you ate that didn’t agree with you. Because certain foods can worsen symptoms, in order to start feeling better you need to know what to eat when you have diarrhea and what not to eat. It’s best to consume plain foods that are...


Oubliette: A Forgotten Little Place

  “For those who love thrillers, paranormal twists, epic adventures, mystery, and adrenaline spiked tales; this is one book you won't be able to put down! A book filled with tales of terror to chill your bones.” In Oubliette: A Forgotten Little Place, author Vanta M. Black takes you on an extraordinary journey to a castle in the Loire Valley of France. Inspired by the real oubliette at Leap Castle, the famed most haunted castle in Ireland, this incredible book filled with courage and tragedy will lift you, shock you, stir you–and leave you begging for more. Filled with tales of chilling thrills, mysticism, mystery, epic adventure and mouth dropping tales of terror, you might want to put “Oubliette: A Forgotten Little Place” on your vacation reading list. For all you readers...