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Caulerpa Conquest: A Biological Eradication on the California Coast

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Caulerpa Conquest: A Biological Eradication on the California Coast

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Caulerpa Conquest

A biological eradication on the California coast didn’t happen overnight. Eric Noel Munoz’s “Caulerpa Conquest: A Biological Eradication on the California Coast,” goes into great detail explaining the forces that shape the debate over invasive aquarium algae. “The killer algae.” Importantly, as the subtitle suggests, Eric Noel Munoz puts the issue into historical perspective, examining the roots of the environmental movement as well as the political debates that drove Eric Munoz’s contribution to help initiate a historic, environmental change as he created events to bring awareness and coincided with the national, state, and local governments. Eric Noel Munoz history offers a palliative counterpoise to some of the more extreme assertions about invasive aquarium algae and how it’s not just a problem here in the United States, but as well as other parts of the world, such as the Mediterranean.

Eric Noel Munoz’s book, “Caulerpa Conquest,” provides an intriguing true story about eradication on the southern coast of California and how the Agua Hedionda Lagoon had almost died due to invasive aquarium algae. “The Killer Algae.”

As the book unfolds, you surprisingly begin to get drawn in as Munoz shares how an entire community was brought together headed by Eric Munoz, whose love for the ocean caused him to create positive change and become a real true hero.

Caulerpa Conquest involves a tragedy that is mapping itself around the world. Sadly, invasive species are threatening natural environments and coastal areas. It has become a current issue in our current society and Eric Munoz who realized the seriousness stepped up to the plate, created awareness and brought a whole community together to initiate change when nobody was willing to face the challenge.

In the introduction, Eric shares a brief summarization of the book explaining what killer algae is, how it is affecting the environment and why a call-to-action needed to occur immediately. His love for the ocean was his prime motivation that gave him the incentive to save the Agua Hedionda Lagoon and with his endless efforts he was able to not just save a lagoon, but actions spawned an anti-growth movement that ultimately fed into the modern environmental movement to save the lagoon and help eradicate “killer algae”. One astonishing twist along the way, as he brought awareness to individuals worldwide and started a new beginning as millions of people now work together to create environmental change in his Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation.

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in the environment. Eric Noel Munoz’s book is excitingly packed with outstanding information including himself and the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation. I find “Caulerpa Conquest: A Biological Eradication on the California Coast,” a rewarding, motivating, inspiring and an enjoyable read.


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