Why it is crucial to take free HIV testing?

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Why it is crucial to take free HIV testing?

HIV is a virus that is usually transmitted through body fluids and the immune system of the body. But this untreatable can be managed carefully if it gets diagnosed on time. Even if there is no escape once the virus entered the body, its detection by taking free HIV testing can do a lot of favors to the patient. HIV diagnosis can help the patient in living a longer and healthier life. If patients get to know that they have been infected with HIV, other people can be saved from their body fluids like vaginal fluids, semen, and blood.

Face Your Fear

Going for the test indeed require will power but once you are done with it, you will feel relaxed and confident about your sexual health. No matter how horrifying it sounds when anyone thinks of taking the free HIV or STD testing near me; but ignoring it can cost anyone because the attack of HIV never comes after warning. I have seen people taking HIV and STD testing near me, who live a more carefree life after knowing the status of their sexual health. 

Free HIV Testing

Free HIV testing is also crucial because the prognosis is so unusual in the case of HIV. It can’t be guessed on the basis of symptoms. Taking a free HIV test from a trustworthy platform is the only way to assure that you are sexually fit.

Whether you believe it or not, one should get a free HIV test done every 6 months. But unfortunately, most of us are not aware of its importance; people are taking it very lightly. Everyone needs to know that early detection can save the patient from a worse situation.

Even though going for a free HIV or STD test is a wise and responsible step, people hesitate for it because there is a lack of awareness and scary feelings regarding HIV testing in our society. One must take the HIV test to ensure that the human immunodeficiency virus is not present in your body. But if anyone gets the bad news, they can take the required treatment to abate the damage. Patients should start their treatment before their immune system gets severely damaged.

Protect Yourself and Others

The ignorance of people towards taking an HIV test is quite incomprehensive. As the health centers are trying to make them. The main reason behind this negligence is that human beings don’t have that much courage to even think of such horrible things happening to them.

We all even want to forget about our mortality while living our life because we can’t exercise those thoughts in our mind that makes us feel terrible. But everyone should know that not taking routine HIV and STD tests can be even more horrible than going through the test. No matter how much will power it requires, you need to be courageous enough to take this responsible action. Not for the sake of others but yourself. Few healthcare centers provide HIV and STD testing near me while maintaining your privacy. But unfortunately, those health centers are not being taken seriously by people.

Also, the cost of HIV testing near me is not unaffordable at all. The average expense of taking an HIV test is between Rs. 500-1000, which is not unreasonable at all. The expense is affordable, your identity will be confidential and you will also get psychological support, then what are you waiting for?

Don’t take it as an ominous thing; take it as a step that aware and responsible people take. The lack of awareness has taken many patients in a worse situation who could have managed to live a longer and healthier life if it has been detected earlier. The treatment at the initial stage can control the virus in your body, and increase your possible life span. You should never think that that HIV diagnosis can’t do anything as it is untreatable; the fact is that HIV treatment has helped a lot of patients to survive just like normal human beings.

Bottom Line

For taking care of your sexual health, it is important to know your HIV status. For this, you must take a routine HIV test even if you are not initially comfortable with it. Nowadays, HIV testing has become convenient in India. You can take it while maintaining full confidentiality. Some HIV testing services are also offering pre and post counseling to keep you away from mental stress while going for the test. You can call them for further queries related to sexual health or the testing cost as well. You can easily get the right guidance both online and offline. Don’t hesitate, just go for it!

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