Is CBD An Effective Medication To Use To Quit Smoking?

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Is CBD An Effective Medication To Use To Quit Smoking?

It’s not easy to go cold turkey for someone who is addicted to smoking. That may lead to frustration and the utmost stress. So, those who plan to quit smoking go with several alternatives. Vapes has become very popular as an alternative to smoking and many smokers find a good result. Now, we have CBD as the best alternative for smoking or a better way of smoking cessation. The incredible effects of CBD have already shown the world how it can transform the world. According to new studies, CBD is an effective medication to quit smoking. Let’s see how it works.

It was in 1964, that the first ever relation between smoking and diseases was revealed by the Surgeon General. Even after 55 years, we have not been able to reduce the number of smokers or smoke-related deaths. 2019 is declared as the year of Cessation by The Office of Health and Smoke (OHS). OHS functions under the CDC to give thrust to the ongoing efforts to help people stop smoking and reduce the impact of second-hand smoke. In FY 2018, state funding spread across 50 states amounted to $69,663,703. These funds focus on preventing smoking-related illnesses and also on a large scale helped individuals and communities adopt smoking cessation programs.

Why is it so difficult to quit smoking?

A cigarette is made of about 600 ingredients and releases about 7000 chemicals when burnt. 60 of them have proven to be cancer-causing chemicals. The addiction is caused by nicotine found in tobacco. It causes changes in the brain, giving pleasure to the smoker. This leads to dependence on nicotine. When a person stops using tobacco they feel anxious and stressed out. Some could feel tremors and headaches too. This group of symptoms is called withdrawal symptoms. CBD helps to eliminate these symptoms.


How effective is CBD?

CBD is derived from hemp and is a natural approach to help smokers quit. Over the last decade, the therapeutic and healing effects of CBD are being documented extensively. However, there is a lot of mistrust about CBD. The other prominent compound of cannabis – THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) has the capacity to affect our body and mind and is banned in many countries. Its usage for medical and entertainment purposes is illegal.  

CBD is non-psychoactive and does not cause any negative effect. It does not give a high or a buzz. CBD cures the addiction and helps the smoker cope with the habit of ‘non-smoking”, once they quit. There are different forms of CBD such as oil, creams, pills, and vapes and also as edible gums. Apart from healing properties for diseases like cancer and seizures, CBD has helped people who feel anxiety, depression or are in chronic pain. 

CBD as an alternative approach to help quit smoking

Everyone knows that quitting smoking is not easy. The withdrawal symptoms need to be tackled head-on with necessary support from doctors, friends, and family. What researches are looking for is an approach that would not only help a smoker quit but also helps them face the after effects.

Cold turkey approaches, planned and phased cessation, medication, nicotine replacement therapy, E-cigarettes and support groups have had some success and many relapses. Nicotine products contain sugar and are harmful over long use. E-cigarettes use nicotine and other chemicals leading to side effects. Research is on to find more effective alternatives with no side effects.

It is in this scenario, that the role of CBDs to help smokers quit and tide over withdrawal symptoms is being explored. The first experiment which tested smokers inhaling CBD oil showed that the smokers used about 40% fewer cigarettes in a week.  More follow up experiments raised hopes about CBD being used to treat nicotine and other addictions.

While smoking, the nicotine that enters our body activates receptors present in our brain. This releases dopamine the chemical which makes us “feel good”. Over a period, the number of receptors increases due to the increased nicotine in the brain. 

Smokers have millions of these receptors as they are caught in the cycle of wanting to “feel good“ all the time. Dopamine is our brain’s way of rewarding us. CBD Oils has potential and capability to change the way dopamine interacts with our body, which in turn reduces need to feel happy and de-stressed all the time. CBD also helps a person to calm down at the time of anxiety and stress. Stress triggers the desire for smoking.

Why CBD could be the new way to treat nicotine addiction?

CBD is proving that smokers can be treated naturally, without chemicals and long drawn processes. This approach is likely to gather steam. CBD can quicken smoking cessation, and help the prevention of lung cancer and heart diseases, resulting in a cost-effective, healthier remedy to the smoking malaise. This will save valuable dollars which are spent on the treatment and prevention of smoking-related diseases.

The statutes regarding the legality of CBD vary from state to state. While it is 100% legal in some states, it is legal under a valid prescription in some and is legal with some restrictions in others. So before using CBD, it is important that you research online and understand local laws in your state. 

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