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I’ve always enjoyed writing, reading, and word games and want to share wordplay and reading with my grandchildren. I attended my first formal writing workshop prior to their birth and rediscovered writing as an outlet of expression. I hope to grow up writing for them and with them. I look forward to the future and opportunities to imagine and create stories together.

I remember the joy of reading Dr. Seuss to my own daughter; we still recite lines from some of our favorites. Habits and rhymes learned early in life tend to stick – I was surprised at the many nursery rhymes that came back quickly with cadence and visual cues.

As a Grandmother, who wants to teach good habits, I recognized being a poor role model in this task. I’m an adult who rushes through the brushing process and has observed enough other adults realize that I’m not alone in my hurriedness. I’ve also observed those who “brush the right way”

Presenting this lesson in a fun way through a book is my way of combining a desire to write with a desire to teach (and learn) I have slowed down my own brushing process and smile at the thought of those cavity bugs falling off ledges.


I was born in Indiana, Pennsylvania, moved to Jacksonville, Florida when I was five and grew up here as the “baby” in a family of three girls. The nickname “PJ” came easily for a girl named Pamela Jo and later came to mean “puzzles and jokes” when I proudly announced that I earned a spot on my elementary school newspaper staff as a contributor to that section of the text. I have to admit that the puzzle page of the newspaper still has a special appeal to me when I seek out the daily crossword and other word games/puzzles.

My affection for word games reached a high point in 1999 when I appeared on Wheel of Fortune and was the big winner for the night although sadly missing MOTORBIKE as the solution to the bonus round. You can’t know how much easier it is to solve puzzles from the comfort of your living room!

At the time of my Wheel of Fortune fame (my 15 minutes), I lived in Duck Town, Tennessee and practiced massage therapy, a short respite from my real career as an insurance underwriter which began in the early ’80s. Underwriting is really just another forum for solving puzzles.

I remarried in 2008 to Steve and our combined family includes my daughter, his two daughters, and son. Life changed dramatically in the fall of 2012 when we were blessed with three granddaughters in a nine-month period. I chose G’mama as my new name which has since been shortened to simply “G”!

Before having my own, my grandparent “fix” was confined to the children and grandchildren of my friend’s neighbors and colleagues. I keep a prize drawer in my office that the kids choose from when they come to visit. My craft closet at home is more extensive and dedicated to offering a creative outlet for visiting little ones.

The insurance applications that I peruse and underwriting pen that I wield during the workday now are replaced with storybooks and crayons after hours. I’m still an avid reader, but reading materials lately have changed from Sandford to Seuss and Grisham to Good Night Moon.

I enjoy being outdoors whether it’s gardening (which I refer to as “playing in the dirt”) kayaking, bicycle riding, playing tennis, or walking on the beach collecting sharks teeth and am fortunate to live in Florida where these activities are plentiful. My more adventurous side comes out on a cruise ship, hiking trail, parasailing or a zip-line/obstacle course. I obtained scuba certification but find more comfort above the water line!

I’ll admit to being hooked on Candy Crush, Words With Friends and Scrabble. Backgammon and jigsaw puzzles are more manageable but equally enjoyable.

In quieter times, I may be found bird watching, musing about being the spider web or captive prey instead of the spider, squishing play-doh or enjoying a good movie,(with popcorn, of course) and recently re-discovered the joy of sewing.

Community service is important to be a good citizen and I volunteer whenever I can. I taught Sunday School for a few years and look forward to sharing those lessons and my faith with my babies. No one can truly prepare you for the joy of having grandchildren; you simply have to experience it for yourself! I find myself seeing the world through their eyes and wanting to show it to them from my own.

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