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Meet Lynne

How did a stressed-out, sleep-deprived, type-A businesswoman end up as a renowned meditation coach?

When it comes to meditating, no one would have labeled Lynne Goldberg “a natural”.

After a series of devastating life blows including the loss of twin baby girls, her mother, her marriage, and her job, coupled with years of infertility treatment and multiple failed adoptions, she counted on copious amounts of work and wine to help her survive.

But in the quiet moments she was forced to face the fact that, ultimately, she was still alone, unhappy, unfulfilled, and disconnected. Something—in fact, everything—was missing.

Dragged kicking and screaming by a friend to a yoga retreat, Lynne reluctantly abided by the meat-free, alcohol-free diet and sat through the meditations simply because there was nowhere else to go.

But as she found her stress and anxiety slowly dissipating, the reluctance transformed into acceptance, and acceptance into appreciation and outright enjoyment. There was no denying the transformative effects this balanced, healthy approach was having on her life. She felt calm, capable, and in control.

Lynne course-corrected her life onto a path to understanding and embraced a new healthy and balanced lifestyle, studying along the way with Deepak Chopra, Sri Dharma Mittra, and Tony Robbins.

Today she is a certified meditation coach, yoga instructor, strategic interventionist, and author of the book “Get Balanced. Get Blissed.” Her passion and life mission lie in helping others transform their lives and discover true happiness, peace of mind and fulfillment through meditation and personal growth.

Her ability to compassionately connect with others, and her accessible, everyday approach to teaching meditation, have led her to coach people from all walks of life, from celebrities, athletes, and business executives to 80-year-old cancer patients and five-year-old children.

Lynne’s meditation programs and curriculum have been implemented in elementary and high schools, special needs schools, and hospitals. When Lynne is not helping people find their bliss, she is living her own doing the things she loves most: being in nature, hiking or biking, traveling the world, cooking, or enjoying time with her husband and kids.

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Lynne Goldberg is a certified meditation teacher and plant-based diet educator, world traveler, Tony Robbins life coach, avid foodie and proud mama of five. She is passionate about helping people create happy, healthy, blissful lives they love. Visit her online at


Bliss. Don’t you just love that word?

If it’s a new word to you or at least a dusty one, that’s because we don’t talk about bliss much anymore. With so many out of a job or with obesity, type 2 diabetes or other food-related diseases on the rise, with unhealthiness and unhappiness the norm rather than the exception, maybe it’s because we feel too guilty being blissful. I’d like to change all that for you. Because bliss is not a luxury, it’s a right.

Contrary to how our society can make us feel, it’s okay to be happy, to find joy and smile in the face of hardship. In fact, as you’ll find in this book, bliss is absolutely necessary for total health—body, mind, and soul.

Get Balanced, Get Blissed is about un-learning all the myths we’ve been taught, and discovering our inner peace and happiness—that bliss—that’s been eluding us for so long.

The good news is, it’s not so much about discovering bliss as rediscovering it. Every one of us has that happiness and joy inside of us; it’s actually our natural state. We are all born happy, we just lose touch with those instincts somewhere along the way. This book outlines the simple process designed to help you uncover the bliss that’s already there.

Believe it or not, right now, your body is full of the hormones, signals, and capacities to achieve and enjoy that sometimes-elusive emotion. If it feels as though that can’t possibly be true, don’t worry—I’ll show you exactly how to uncover your body’s natural blissfulness.

Get Balanced, Get Blissed is available now.

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