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Dr Vera Tarman has been working in the field of addiction medicine since 1994. She became accredited with the Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) in 2004. She has been the medical director of Renascent since 2006. She is a regular contributor to the call-in TV show Living Clean, Living Well and was cohost on Addictions Unplugged, a community call-in show about addictions.

Although she has spoken on various issues in addiction, her special interest is in the area of food addiction. She is the author of Food Junkies: The Truth about Food Addiction. Dr Tarman has found working at Renascent extremely rewarding, mainly because of its support of an abstinence model of care and its acceptance that the spiritual, as well as medical and psychological dimensions are important for recovery. Dr Tarman and Renascent believe that good care involves treating addiction and fostering a lifelong recovery life plan based on community and peer support.

Addictions Unplugged


Addictions Unplugged was started by Dr. Vera Tarman in 2008 because she found a need for information on addiction and more specifically food addiction. Today, the Addictions Unplugged website serves as a portal and discussion forum for medical professionals, front-line addiction workers and those affected by addiction to reach out to Dr. Tarman and find out the latest information on treatment.

Dr. Tarman has been reaching out to the medical and addiction communities through her workshops and speaking engagements. She speaks on the topics of the science behind food addiction and why we use food for comfort. She has educated thousands of people across the world and hopes to help all those struggling with food addiction. Dr. Tarman has several speaking engagements scheduled already for 2011, including in New York, Toronto and Iceland.

Do you have an interest in having Dr. Tarman appear at your conference or on your show? Or would you like to attend a workshop? Please email for more information.

God had always been part of my life, even when I’d ignored and pushed Him away. So why was I denying my patients? Read more about Dr. Vera Tarman’s personal story. Rx: Faith

Her book – Food Junkies available on Amazon.

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