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A Powerful Woman

Personal power is not boastful or self-centered or egotistical or self-aggrandizing. It is the opposite. A woman who has owned her power is present when someone speaks to her. She makes direct eye contact and gives the speaker her full attention. She isn’t thinking about anything else. When you speak to a powerful person, you feel blessed and satisfied. You feel known and received.Personal power is not striving. It is completely rooted in the present moment without any thought to another moment and without an agenda. Personal power acts like a cylinder. Energy moves through it without direction or block.With personal power there is no room to be self-hating; that is too ego-centered. Power is allowing, not directing or wishing or determining. Power is about...


Weird Ways Dieting Messes With Your Brain

By MARYGRACE TAYLORIf you've ever tried—and ultimately failed—to lose weight, you've probably looked straight in the mirror and blamed yourself. Maybe you weren't strong enough to resist the chips or ice cream. Or you didn't have the discipline to order salad for lunch instead of a burger.It's a common line of thinking, but that doesn't make it accurate. Diets don't fail because of some kind of inherent character flaw that makes you bad at eating clean. They fail because they trigger your brain to do weird things that make it almost impossible to lose weight.At least, that's the argument Sandra Aamodt, PhD, makes in her new book Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss. After spending decades struggling with...

back pain

Best Breathing Strategies To Reduce Back Pain

by Erik Dalton Ph.D.[embed]https://youtu.be/AvdryWMZRFI[/embed]It is essential that manual and corrective exercise therapists develop a good basic understanding of rib cage and thoracic spine (t-spine) biomechanics and their relationship to optimal breathing. When we think of breathing, usually we think of the respiratory system, but, in fact, most believe the neuromyoskeletal system drives the mechanics and coordination of human respiration. The famed Czech researcher Dr. Karel Lewit states: “Respiration is our primary and most important movement pattern… and also the most dysfunctional.” Most clinicians are aware of how breathing affects posture, alignment, and bodily functions, but there is much confusion when it comes to treating underlying joint and myofascial disorders. This article presents an overview of breathing anatomy, assessment and treatment strategies to help clients breathe...

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