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How Animals are Transforming Healthcare Now and in the Future

How Animals are Transforming Healthcare Now and in the Future

Anyone who owns a pet will understand the important role animals can play in people’s lives. In addition to being great companions, animals are helping to transform the physical and mental health of people across the world. Find out how animals are improving healthcare both now and in the future. Improved Heart Health Our pets can quickly become our best friends. Not only do they provide owners with a great deal of love and support, but companion animals may also improve a person’s heart health. A 2002 study measured the blood pressure and heart rate of dog and cat owners when under stress, and they compared the findings against non-pet owners. Those who owned a pet were found to have lower blood pressure and heart rates at...

Eating Plan for Pet Dogs - Choosing the Right One

Eating Plan for Pet Dogs – Choosing the Right One

The uncooked food for dogs contains what your pet eats in the wild: Fresh meat, bones, and veggies. Some researchers for this organic diet plan for dogs report a multitude of improvements in their dogs and cats for example better smell of breath, clean teeth, coat and skin improvements and much fewer visits to the veterinarian. After a little watchful study in dog diet plans, I chose to give the dietary plan a try with my own pet. I considered it to be even more of an all-natural diet plan for dogs, with possible health advantages than commercially made dog food could offer. And I am happy I did so. My canine experienced many of the advantages mentioned previously, and she is a lot more happy...


Is Your Dog Having Stomach Problems Here Are Some Amazing Products for Treatment

Dogs are sensitive, attractive and active domestic animals, which adopt human-made environment very easily. They have great ability to understand human quickly and can amuse man with his great ability to learn and showing different acrobats especially in the field of sports. Dogs can learn and play a variety of games. They look pretty and loveable when they are active and playful but when they are passive and confused they lose their originality and are avoided by the people. By nature, they are naughty and active so behind their passiveness, there definitely is any health problem. These health problems may contain: Ear disease Mouth disease Skin disease Eye disease Stomach In this article, we will be looking for the cause and effects of stomach issues and the best treatment...