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Expert Dianne Ellis (Self-Help)

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Expert Dianne Ellis (Self-Help)

Expert – Life Purpose & Wellness Coach

Dianne Ellis



500Life Purpose & Wellness Coach

Live.   Love.   Matter.

Dianne has personally walked the journey of discovering and living her life purpose.  Her background as a professional artist and holistic life coach, has shaped her coaching style.   She believes her relationship with clients should be a partnership whose goal it is to ignite the whole person.   Whole person wellness is at the heart of her practice.  That’s why she created The HeartMind Principles™ which is at the root of her Live, Love, Matter mantra.  These principles are a facilitative tool for coaching, teaching and inspiring others to live whole heartedly, mindfully and to embrace life transitions as wisdom teachers in disguise!

I’m here to help you shift your concept of what it means to be human.   Our souls ache for what we feel is missing because we’ve forgotten that we are not in nature but that we are nature.  We are never separate from our environment.   Designed to live whole hearted and full lives, we are more connected than we’ve ever dreamed!    Life experiences, a passion for learning and a personal mindfulness practice has taught me how to stay connected to this knowledge and continues to school me in the art of living each day.   Now, I’d like to share this with you. “

~Dianne Ellis ,  Life Purpose & Wellness Coach  

Live.   Love.   Matter.

Dianne’s Blog