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Olive Oil Could Make Your Period Less Miserable

A Daily Spoonful Of Olive Oil Could Make Your Cramps Go Away

By STEPHANIE ECKELKAMP If you're a woman, you've been there: Doubled over in pain, cursing your ovaries, and unable to do pretty much anything without whimpering. And no, we definitely wouldn't blame you if you downed a couple painkillers and curled up in bed for an hour or five to cope with those crazy menstrual cramps—but now, you might not have to. Turns out, there's an edible cramp cure right in your kitchen, and it might even work better than drugs. A new study Published in Scholars Research Library suggests that consuming extra virgin olive oil daily is more effective at reducing symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea—the most common type of menstrual cramp pain—than ibuprofen. Unfortunately, the study didn't look into olive oil's effect on secondary dysmenorrhea—cramps associated with an...