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Uplift Your Mood with Essential Oils {Including Infographic}

Few things can give your mood a welcome lift like essential oils can. And that’s because they have a reputation of helping with everything from headaches to depression. Your mood can effectively go from zero to sixty in a matter of seconds after your nose gets a hearty whiff of the essential oil, bergamot, for example. Bergamot is actually a citrus fruit that not only smells great but its oil promotes healthy hormone levels and metabolism. A nice bonus use of bergamot is its ability to help with body odor—a definite mood killer. Who knew? Essential oils Essential oils are as varied as the ailments they soothe. Peppermint oil, for example, has been known to treat indigestion as well as promoting a calming sense of peace. There’s...

10 Ways to Improve Your Life with an Essential Oil Diffuser

By Marcy Coning from Web Essential OilsNatural living manifests itself in many forms, including eating and drinking more natural foods, applying more natural products for body care and health, and using more natural products for household care and cleaning. One of the best ways to go about keeping the home healthy and cared for is by using an essential oil diffuser. Not only can these little gems help your family to fight off disease, boost energy, and increase productivity, they also smell great and provide an inviting environment for your family to come home to. Here we list our top 10 favorite reasons that your life can absolutely be improved by owning and using an essential oil diffuser: Better Sleep and Relaxation In this world of stress and...

8 Tips for Choosing The Best Essential Oils

8 Tips for Choosing The Best Essential Oils

What is an essential oil? First, let's define what an essential oil is and how it's made. An essential oil is not an infused herbal oil. This is a very common misconception. Essential oils are the volatile aromatic oils produced by plants. Imagine fresh lemon balm leaves warming in the sun, rubbing rosemary between the palms of your hands, or bringing lavender flowers to your nose for a deep inhalation. Plants create smelly resins and oils to attract pollinators, warn predators, and to protect themselves against disease. The product you buy called "essential oil" is this aromatic substance concentrated through various methods. For example, it takes 60 whole roses to make just one drop of precious essential oil! That's a potent drop of plant material. Essential...