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Sun Allergies: This Is What It’s Like To Be Allergic To Sunlight – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

The Complete Herbal Guide / Skin Care and Anti-Aging  / Sun Allergies: This Is What It’s Like To Be Allergic To Sunlight – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Sun Allergies: This Is What It’s Like To Be Allergic To Sunlight – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Sun Allergy is the condition when skin suffers some reaction to the exposed areas of your body. These areas are mostly the V area of your neck, back of your hand and even sometimes at the back of your neck area. As a result of sun exposure, you can develop some red itchy patches on your skin. One of the most common forms of sun allergy is polymorphic light eruption also known as sun poisoning. And the rashes formed out of it are known as Sun poisoning rash. Sun Poisoning rash is one of the most common types of sun rash which is observed in our skin.

Now, sun poisoning rash can also occur because of different reasons. Some of them can be as a result of hereditary factors whereas some can be because of normal sun exposure or prolonged hours spent in the sun.

Now, this sun poisoning rash can be of different types. It can be mild one also or it can be a major one also. Mild ones can heal themselves or with a little bit of care. But the severe ones require proper medical attention and post that only it will heal. Thus, you need to have a close look at the sun poisoning rash and determine their degree or severity.

Sun Allergy Symptoms

Effect of sun allergy on your skin can highly vary. It can be a simple itchy skin or a small red spot or even appearance of an entire red skin patch.

Thus, following are some of the most common signs and symptoms observed in case of sun poisoning rash –

  • Red itchy skin – Red itchy skin is one of the most common symptoms that you will observe on the sun allergic skin. It can be a small red area or even a big red patch. The degree of itchiness also varies from skin to skin.
  • Pain – Pain can come at a later stage on your sun allergic skin. The pain can be mild or severe at the same time. We advise you to immediately see a doctor in case of a pain because pain is the advanced stage of sun allergy and it can lead to several other skin issues in future.
  • Tiny Bumps – This is the initial symptom of sun-exposed skin. You will see tiny red bumps appearing on your skin and this is the first signs of allergic skin because of sun exposure.
  • Slight Bleeding – Slight bleeding is also an advanced stage of sun exposure. Sometimes itchy skin can lead to touching and all by hand which can cause slight bleeding. Whereas the tiny bumps can ooze out blood on their own after a while. And this is not at all a pleasant sight and thus doctor’s immediate attention is required in this.

Sun Allergy Causes

There are several causes of sun poisoning rash. Some of which are discussed below –

  1. Race – Sometimes sun poisoning rash can be because of your race also. In some countries, sun itching is quite common and thus the generations ahead also suffer from the same.
  2. Climatic Conditions – In places like Africa and Asia, climatic condition is such that you get sun allergy without even prolonged sun exposure.
  3. Skin Color – Skin color also can be a major reason for your sun allergy. Sometimes fair skinned people are prone to sun allergy more than the dark-skinned people.

Sun Allergy: Time to visit a doctor

If you feel that the skin rash is increasing day by day or you are experiencing some pain or there is blood coming out, then this is not the time to delay. Visit a dermatologist as soon as possible and explain your condition. Also, check your body thoroughly for any some sun rashes. In worst cases, the sun rashes can expand to your clothed skin also.


Sun Allergy: Prevention

It is very important to adopt some basic prevention tips in order to protect your skin from sun rays –

  1. Limit your time for sun exposure
  2. Use premium quality sunscreen and repeat the usage of sunscreen
  3. Wear properly covered clothes and cover your head and wear sunglasses for the eyes
  4. Avoid direct exposure to light


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