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10 Things One No One Says When One Is Pregnant

The Complete Guide to Natural Healing / Pregnancy  / 10 Things One No One Says When One Is Pregnant

10 Things One No One Says When One Is Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, are preparing a lot of parents before sleep and getting up every night. Everyone tells you how hard this time and one possible togetherness and sleep neither in pregnancy nor to exploit. Ok, but you know basically at any. But there are some things of which no one speaks, and which may come to a – we now break the silence.

How did we get it? Again and again, we talk about mothers and over again we hear the phrase “The one has ever told me!”. And yes, there are a lot of things that can bring a pregnancy and birth with itself. And maybe you feel better when you know that i­t is really very, very many women go well. First of all, I can say, however, if they are taken with humor, then it’s not half bad!

1) Make in the pants!

Honestly, that happens almost every pregnant more than once. When the pressure is greater on the bladder and Mummy-to-be calculated then sneezes, what is going to talk next. And contrary to the assumption that this happens only in the last trimester with a big ball, which must be said that the baby can much earlier are unfavorable. But basically harmless – just goofy when you ride or (oh God) wearing gray sweatpants that the accident directly visible to everyone documented … By the way, the water-resistant backing for’s cot can also “Mummy” in the weeks before birth very good use…

2) Water retention as a baby pool…

Honestly, with my water retention, one might at least be able to fill a baby bath. My feet are swollen greater on three numbers; my hands looked like at the end of bear paws. And the promise, the water would disappear immediately after birth is also a myth. For me, it took a few months until I no longer looked as if I would have let clapboard lips and my second double chin was finally gone again … In my old shoes I fit, to this day not all pure – half a number have greater I keep!

3) Be careful, my child misses right out!

The last days just before birth one has while running feel the child falls equally on the road if you do not everything (and I mean everything) neat and squint at high energy … But is not so bad when you consider that you look eh can barely move regularly – a turtle would win every race against a very pregnant!

4) I do not want to get out!

My gynecologist said four weeks before the date that Helene could possibly come a few days earlier. She was already so dark, and everything looked good. So I was ready to meet my Supergirl one week before the deadline. But she was not. So I dragged another three weeks (!!!) with a huge ball and quite a bad mood by the 40 degrees hot Berlin until Madame has finally managed. So, rather adjust it, that there is also a little longer might take – at least you will not be impatient at the end…

5) From because of perfect birth!

Whether you make a childbirth class, long conversations with the midwife or leads already many birth stories do – you should in time abandon the idea of the perfect birth. Basically, it is always just a myth is amusing because what is already a perfect birth? And at the end is really only important that the little creature is healthy to the world. Everything else is just the way. Although the is not child’s play, but that has never even someone says.

6) The most beautiful baby in the world!

Exactly what I had expected. But there were just two things that were facing the: on the one hand my little Supergirl was beginning really no eye candy. Not that you understands wrong, it was perfect, just not pretty. Taken Ok exactly they looked so scary that we did not find any words in the OP. But be reassured, the more changes – finally Helene today is the prettiest girl in the whole wide world!

7) The high emotions…

Many mothers think before birth, it is the largest and most beautiful moment when they hold their baby for the first time in the arms and are then disappointed that it is not so. Many women are just so exhausted that they no longer are at the moment among the great feelings of happiness able. But do not worry; at the latest after a short recovery time ask these feelings then!

8) Hemorrhoids

Yes, now to a very unpleasant topic. But that is now spreading far times. Many women get them during pregnancy, or. After birth by the enormous pressure after having so much time nine months tens underwent changes and squeezed a melon under the maximum effort, you get to thank even hemorrhoids. Even many women who suffer had a caesarean. Fortunately, this is easy to handle, even if it is slightly uncomfortable.

9) Binges

During my pregnancy, I have waited in vain for the promised binges. Madeleine had, for example, every two hours to eat something, otherwise, it was really shaky. For me, these attacks employ after birth and breastfeeding. Once the child was docked had my friend feed parallel and inspire me with water, because otherwise, I could hardly see. Each night had a full serving of trail mix ago – well, no wonder that I did not come from the baby pounds away.

10) Incontinence

A birth changed much – even their own bodies. And often have to keep a problem with the Pipi after childbirth far women. No wonder, the pelvic floor muscles is virtually no longer exists. Since helps only diligently to go regression yoga or Pilates and diligently to train. This applies to all women because when the pelvic floor is not trained properly increases the likelihood latest in menopause a problem with incontinence gets…

Apropos: The fact that the binding in childbirth is greater than the iPhone 6, someone told you certainly need time, right?

So ladies, now we have addressed all the embarrassing and unpleasant things about which so seldom anyone likes to talk. And of course, it may be that none of this stuff happens with you. Or you have nen 6 in Lotto and need you to deal with all this. Our tip: take a great shovel humor – everything is only half as bad. And remember, you are so definitely not alone, just want to talk about just not many. Good luck!



Jenny Jolly has over five years of experience in the field of Health. She specializes in setting up Global health consultancy. She is an expert in the area of developing strategies for health. She provides thought leadership and pursues strategies for engagements with the senior executives on Innovation in health and Technology She presently works for as The Head of the health consultancy.

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