Herbal Wonders From Asia: 9 Reasons Why Green Tea is Better Than Other Teas

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Herbal Wonders From Asia: 9 Reasons Why Green Tea is Better Than Other Teas

Green tea is a refreshing drink that has a pleasant taste. Consumers often drink it as an alternative to drinking coffee. It is a versatile drink that you can enjoy hot or cold. Green tea is also used to create treats and shakes. Studies have shown that green tea is safer and healthier than coffee or black tea and provides incredible benefits. Consumers who aren’t sure of what to expect from the herbal wonder from Asia can read the 9 reasons why green tea is better than other teas.

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Rich in Polyphenois

Polyphenois have extensive antioxidants that protect the heart and improve cardiovascular health. The antioxidants lower your blood pressure and decrease your risk of a heart attack or stroke. Studies show that if you drink at least three cups of green tea a day, you improve your cardiovascular health and decrease the risk of having a heart attack by at least 10%. Retailers such as Ahmad Tea USA offer a variety of green tea products to help you get all the health benefits of consuming green tea.

Fat Burning and Performance Enhancement

Drinking green tea helps you burn off fat at an accelerated rate. It is possible to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals by drinking green tea every day. It increases the metabolic rate and provides the body with more energy. Endurance levels are increased promptly, and consumers can see an increase in fat oxidation by at least 15%. The healthy fatty acids found in the beverage provides an adequate supply of energy to muscles. The caffeine levels found in green tea are safer than what you’ll find in coffee.

Athletes are now drinking green tea to enhance their performance and help them achieve more. Doctors recommend green tea to them as a better option for increasing their energy levels without the sudden crash. Green tea isn’t as detrimental as the daily consumption of coffee. It is also available in a variety of forms to make it easier to take.

green tea

Reducing the Risk of Neurological Conditions

According to statistics, consumers lower their risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases by consuming adequate amounts of green tea. Studies show the reduced risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s for patients who consume green tea daily. It contains catechin which protects the brain and increases the release of dopamine which is vital for the brain and improves the way the brain operates.

If you have a family history of diabetes, it is beneficial for you to add green tea to your diet. You aren’t restricted to drinking green tea only. New options, such as Matcha is often used to create baked goods without increasing blood glucose levels. You get the right amount of green tea each day without increasing your insulin levels.

Increase Your Brain Function

Green tea offers an immediate boost and helps your mental clarity. Drinking green tea blocks adenosine which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and you can get a steady jolt to your nervous system that promotes healthy brain function. You become more vigilant, alert, and your memory is sharper. Drinking at least two cups of tea improves the release of serotonin and dopamine.

Unlike coffee, the tea has L-theanine which is a necessary amino acid. Consuming green tea increases the gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain. You become more focused and improve your concentration.

Decreasing the Risk of Diabetes

Consumption of green tea lowers the risk of diabetes by keeping blood glucose levels at safer levels. Diabetics face a health crisis when their insulin levels are too high or too low. It is necessary for them to take medications throughout their lives to control their insulin and blood glucose levels. However, patients who are predisposed to developing diabetes can lower their risk through their diet. Drinking green tea is a step you can take in your new healthy diet to decrease the development of diabetes.

Fighting Cancer Development

The antioxidants found in green tea lower the risk of several different types of cancer. According to studies, women can lower their risk of breast cancer by up to 30%. It also lowers the potential for colon and prostate cancer. The statistics present findings based on drinking green tea without any sweeteners or milk added.

Decreasing the Risk of Heart Disease

The antioxidants in green tea lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels. It is the bad cholesterol that increases the risk of a heart attack and life-long heart disease. Consumption of green tea can remove blockages from the arteries and make them smoother. Everyday consumption reduces the risk by 30%, and consumers stay healthier overall.

Consumers who are predisposed to heart disease through the family medical history need all the help they can get to reduce their risk. For some, the cardiovascular disease develops unexpectedly when the individual has a heart attack. Taking the necessary steps to avoid common causes for heart disease improves the patient’s health and prevents a heart attack. Drinking green tea is a part of a healthier diet and could prevent a heart attack.

Improving Dental Health

Consumers improve their dental health and lower the risk of infections by consuming green tea. It kills viruses and bacteria that often found in the mouth, and the tea lowers the risk of tooth loss due to decay and cavities. Consumers are less likely to experience bad breath by consuming green tea since bacteria levels in their mouth are lowered.

Heightened Longevity

According to statistics, tea drinkers live longer and decrease the risk of a multitude of diseases and adverse health conditions. Green tea offers more health benefits than other products, such as oolong. A study based on Japan that compared two groups of adults determined that adults who drank green tea each day lived longer and had exceptional health.

Consumers review a multitude of products that improve their health and lower common risks. When comparing teas, consumers learn that green tea has more health benefits than any other type of tea. It provides them with antioxidants and amino acids that fight the development of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Consumers who want to maximize the benefit of a healthy diet add green tea to their diet.

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