Find Out How Tim Schmidt Traveled The World While Making Money from His Laptop

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Find Out How Tim Schmidt Traveled The World While Making Money from His Laptop

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Hi Tim, It is really a pleasure to interview someone like you. I am sure many of my readers will know you, can you please give little details about who you are.

I’m a Digital Marketing professional at my core, and I’ve used these talents to create companies that leverage Internet traffic to amplify revenues. In addition to guiding my own companies’ efforts, I also consult for many companies and individuals and give lectures on digital strategy at industry conferences.

Great Tim, you are really a successful entrepreneur, in fact, you are successful among the successful. Can you please tell us how you got started.

I became engaged online at a very young age, at least for the era we lived in back in the early 1990s starting with AOL dial-up, I was addicted to being online and often spent my downtime exploring, reading, and navigating the web. Eventually, I accepted a consulting position at a start-up SEO agency in Miami at age 23, which was a natural fit. Shortly after I saw how much potential was out there, I set-up my own Marketing Agency and through a lot of hard work, got to the spot I’m in today.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is surely not a bed of roses and I know you definitely faced some obstacles before you became a success, can you please let us know what these obstacles are and how you overcame them.

Many people fail to embrace the fact that these obstacles are what shape you as an Entrepreneur. I have more horror stories than success stories, that’s for sure. Everything from inventory not being ready on time, not being labeled properly, mis-spellings, to losing merchant accounts, I’ve seen it all. Experiencing these issues first-hand makes you a better business person because you learn from it and know how to overcome these hurdles should they re-surface.

You head an affiliate marketing program that has helped hundreds of people become successful entrepreneurs. Can you tell us a little about it?

I created a step-by-step guide for affiliate marketers that literally walked them through processes and procedures I follow every day when I do affiliate marketing. The course was an over-the-shoulder video series that was supported by a Facebook group where all members and their coach, (me) interacted and shared wins, and talked about losses. While I don’t market the course today, I do accept students for one on one mentoring where I guide their every step, which I thoroughly enjoy because I love watching people make progress and enjoy success.

One thing about AffiliateU Mentoring program is that it is so unique and in fact, I haven’t seen a program like AffiliateU. How are you able to do this?

I’ve been in the trenches, working since 2002, strictly online. Never had a job, never had an office. There are very few people who can match this claim. I’m literally an Internet Marketing dinosaur, at age 40. (LOL) .

Traffic is surely no problem for you, what is your traffic secret? I mean how are you able to get that much traffic to your affiliate businesses?

Content, content, content. That’s what separates the cream of the crop. You have to write like you are a news anchor. Break stories, get the scoop, have good media (images and video), and put it out there for the world to see (تذاكر طيران رخيص).

I am a huge lover and believer in your work and I once read about you saying how there is a lot of misinformation about affiliate marketing on the Internet that makes it harder for people to succeed in this field. I totally agree with this but many people have a hard time deciphering what the right information is, and unfortunately, they don’t succeed because they are misguided on the wrong track, can you please shed more light on this?

Most people want everything to be given to them. Very few people put in the actual work to make what eventually becomes passive income that can be “hands-free.” The biggest misconception in affiliate marketing is that people think it’s easy. Hard work is required for several months, and sometimes over a year, to create what will become a passive revenue stream.

I guess many people want to become successful entrepreneurs because they hear so many success stories from people who started with nothing and are now living the dream. What is your advice for people like these?

Always remember that those people who “came from nothing” put in the work to get where they are. They had to work even harder than people with the financial means to take shortcuts or get more guidance.

You surely are an expert and you have one of the most successful blogs online, if I am a new affiliate marketer just starting today what will you advise me to do to get results quickly.

Get into a niche that you are passionate about. I can’t stress this enough. If you lack the passion to work on something, it’ll fizzle out.

You’ve made a lot online, what do you think is the best way to make money?

I have a long way to go to reach my ultimate financial goals, but for anyone looking for the “best way to make money,” refer to the last question. Find a topic you are passionate about, and spread the message better than anyone in that space.

You have a very successful online business and anytime you launch a product or service it is been promoted by a lot of big bloggers and internet marketers, do you think small bloggers can also get this type of attention, if so, how?

Your network is equivalent to your net worth. You must get out there and talk to people, create some buzz, and good things will happen. But it won’t happen if you hide behind a computer all day.

What advice would you like to give to my readers in general?

Be willing to outwork everyone in your space. Do things differently, think outside the box.

I and my readers want to learn from you, can you please tell us about your website and products and services?

I have many websites, but as this interview has been related to affiliate marketing mostly, is where you can apply to be mentored one on one, with me guiding all of your efforts as you embark on your journey for affiliate marketing.

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