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10 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

The Complete Herbal Guide / Health & Well-Being  / 10 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues
monday blues

10 Ways to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

Everyone is well aware of that melancholy feeling that arises every Monday morning. The sense of dread after spending stress and work free weekend can be associated with the notion of Monday Blues.

According to Alexander Kjerulf who is also an international speaker and author, Monday Blues describe a collection of negative emotions that many people get at the onset of the workweek.

Monday Morning Blues comprises of elements of depression, and a sensation that works at an office is spiteful but inescapable.

On the other hand, as per the views of psychologist Kim Chronister, working professionals experience loss of freedom in the Monday morning. It is also important to note that individuals usually spend their weekend as per their preferences.

However, their options to spend Monday morning soon get limited as they enter their office. But contrary to popular belief, Monday can also be the best day of the week. Whether you commute to work or stay at home, there are various ways to make your Monday mornings productive and enjoyable.

Here is the list of 10 ways with the help of which you can beat Monday morning blues.

Prepare for a stress-free Monday from Friday

If you do not want to add woes to your Monday morning, complete all your pending work on Friday. It is so because Monday mornings can be extra stressful from piled up work. Hence, in order to combat that feeling of anxiety in Monday, be sure to complete all dreadful assignments on Friday itself. On the other hand, if you have completed all your assignments in Friday itself and the number of dreadful tasks is quite less in Monday morning, then do not wait for unpleasant tasks to pile up before you. Try to complete them as soon as possible to avoid procrastinating the whole day.

Opt for an early morning jog on Monday morning

An early morning jog on Monday morning can do a world of good to your mood. Set out for a jog in your Joggers in the nearby lawn or park. Mother Nature and her early morning wonders can have a soothing effect on your mind thereby combating your restlessness.

Spend some time in peace

It is important that you spend at least five minutes of your time in absolute quietness. Moreover, you can also opt to lie down in a relaxed manner so that you can effectively release all your tension. Take deep breaths whenever necessary to calm down your nerves.

Identify the culprit responsible for your Monday Blues

It is interesting to note that if you suffer from Monday Blues every week, then you must take it seriously. It is also an important sign that you are not happy at work and you need to search for solutions regarding this problem. You can also to create a list of things that are responsible for your unhappiness on Monday mornings. Furthermore, clarifying the factors that are bothering you can effectively help you to take control of the situation.

Make a list of exciting things to do on Monday morning

Make a list of at least three to four things that you want to do this week. This would divert your mind away from that nagging sensation and would help you greatly in overcoming Monday Blues. This can also put you in a positive frame of mind. The list of exciting things would also increase your work productivity in a great manner.

Get adequate sleep and wake up early

It is important on your part to retire to bed early on Sunday night. Moreover, you have to be sure that you get adequate sleep so that you wake up feeling fresh. On the contrary, waking up 15 to 30 minutes early can make it easier for you to reach office. In this context, it is vital to mention that you should take out a little bit of a “me-time”. Indulging in various kinds of recreational activities on Monday morning can help you reminisce that you are not a robot who just works and sleeps.

Listen to your favorite songs

It is a widely accepted fact that music and mood are best friends. If you want to beat your rising stress levels on Monday mornings, then the best way to do that is to listen to music. Moreover, neuroscience has established a close connection between listening to music and lowering of stress levels.

Dress properly

In order to beat that irritating sensation of Monday Blues, it is important for you to make sure that you dress in a proper manner. You can also use Monday to wear your favorite outfit. This would always assist you in building your confidence when you move around the office in your preferred dress.

Have a positive frame of mind

Take time out to appreciate the various things that you enjoy about your current work. For instance, in office, try not to complain too much and keep your grumpiness to yourself. You can also be a source of positivity to people around you so that you can also be a source of inspiration for others.

Don’t tighten your schedule on Mondays

If you are well-aware of the fact that you would suffer from Monday morning anxiety, then you need to lighten up your Monday schedule. It is always advisable that you should not keep any complicated tasks and meetings on Monday morning. This would usually take a lot of pressure off you.

Let’s hope that you can beat your Monday morning blues with all these hacks as mentioned earlier. Be focused and embrace Mondays as a challenge.

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