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Why It’s Good To Have A Family Dentist Syracuse NY

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Why It’s Good To Have A Family Dentist Syracuse NY

To save time and effort as much as possible, you might want to visit the dentist with your partner and kids at the same time since it’s somehow difficult to squeeze in appointments for more than one patient. However, not all dentists have the same specializations. That’s why it’s better to have a family dentist instead.

Here are some reasons why having a family dentist in Syracuse NY, is a better option:


Broad knowledge to suit your family’s needs

As mentioned earlier, not all dentists are created equal. They vary in the level of knowledge in some areas of expertise aside from the basics of dentistry. You might be surprised that your kid or partner might have different dental needs like yours. In this case, they’re recommended to see a different dentist. This poses as a hassle due to the fact that it’s very challenging to secure a dental appointment.

To avoid the hassle in going to multiple dentists, you can choose to have a family dentist instead. You can find the perfect family dentist by searching online and visiting their website. Your family dentist will be able to address every oral concern from your mother even to your youngest child.

You don’t want to experience a useless consultation only to be referred to another dentist. Dental consultations are expensive, make sure you save time and money by going to a dentist that can address your oral concerns, that is, a family dentist.

Wide range of services

Since family dentist caters to all ages in the family, there are a lot of services that you can avail as a part of your dental treatment and maintenance. Again, you don’t have to worry about having to visit another clinic for a particular procedure just because your current dentist doesn’t have the equipment needed for the procedure.

Your family dentist can perform the routine oral prophylaxis of all your family members. Also, they can perform other treatments such as dental fillings, root canal treatment, and even dental braces for the kids. Basically, getting a family dentist will simplify your family’s dental needs.

Knows the family history

Having a family dentist will make it easy for you to address the dental concerns of your family. Especially for the kids, it’s quite difficult to shift from a pediatric dentist to a general dentist when they grow up. When you have a family dentist, you don’t need to worry about looking for a general dentist in the future since your family dentist is still capable of handling the dental concerns of the kids even if they grow older.

Also, it will save you the hassle of having to fill up a new information sheet and family history, which is quite a challenging task.

Your family dentist can address other dental issues earlier and can prescribe guidelines for preventive oral care. He’ll have an idea on the dental problems that your family might have especially if he’s been your dentist for a long time. Especially involving the kids, your family dentist might prescribe earlier procedures to your younger children to prevent dental issues that he might have encountered to your older children.

A good relationship is established

Dentists should establish good relationships with their patients. This is specifically true in children since there’s a possibility that they’ll get traumatized during their first dental appointment. Having a family doctor will be very advantageous. Bringing the kids to your family dentist will allow them to be familiar with the clinic and your dentist. So, the next time you’ll be bringing them to the clinic, you won’t have difficulty in convincing them to have their teeth checked.

Also, your children will see you that your family dentist is taking good care of your teeth and he is treating you well. As a result, they will not be scared when it will be their turn to have their dental appointment.

Also, establishing a good relationship with your family dentist will guarantee that you and your family will be given the best care possible. Your family dentist will also give you the best advice on how to take care of your oral health. Also, it’s also possible that you can get discounts from your dentist if he knew you and your family long enough.

Final thoughts

Getting a family dentist has a lot of advantages compared to getting a consultation from different dentists from time to time. It will be easier for you since there is continuity in terms of treatment. Having a family dentist will give you and your family the best oral care possible for an extended period.


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