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Travel Yoga: 5 Tips for Doing Yoga On-The-Go

The Complete Herbal Guide / Everyday Solutions  / Travel Yoga: 5 Tips for Doing Yoga On-The-Go
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Travel Yoga: 5 Tips for Doing Yoga On-The-Go

Is yoga practice important for you?  Is it important to continue your daily yoga routine even when you are traveling from one destination to another?

I know all too well how planes, trains, delays, airport lounges, small hotel rooms and being constantly on the move can interfere with your yoga practice.

Establishing a regular yoga practice is easy when you’re at home and in control of your daily routine, but traveling (whether for work or when on vacation) can throw you off balance. So what better way to get back on track than taking yoga on the road with you?

When traveling, you can still practice yoga. Do you want to know how? According to luxury rental cars in Baltimore, here are five tips to make yoga your perfect traveling companion:

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Prepare your trip beforehand

Think about where you want to go and what to take with you. Traveling by car it is never a problem to take your yoga clothes and a full-size mat. Then, try to plan your day, searching for the right time for yoga. Think realistically about your upcoming trip. When do you think you may have some free time? What part of the day will be more comfortable for you to practice? Do you want to try yoga at the beach or in the park? Is there something new you want to try? It is important to answer all the questions and set new goals for the future trip.

Relax and take it easy!

Do you realize that you can’t practice yoga in your wonted regularity? It’s like you can’t visit yoga class daily as you used to. But, everything is not that bad! Having yoga practice three times a week is better than never. Just relax and try to build up your training schedule according to the new life circumstances. It is not a big problem to find 20 minutes a day for relaxation. If not, take it easy and correct your schedule once again.

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Don’t be lazy

Whenever you are you can practice yoga! Of course, you can’t do that in the car or restaurant, but you can easily go to the park or to the beach, or even find time to relax in your hotel room. Just don’t be lazy! Yoga is a unique practice that doesn’t require any special equipment except for a yoga mat. You can do it inside or outside, according to the weather conditions. Still can’t find a place? You can always practice standing poses! Spending long hours on a bus or plane, you can stretch your neck, shoulders, try knee stretches. Do you feel tired after long hours of driving and don’t want to go outside for yoga? You can try yoga poses even in the bed! It helps to relax and better your night sleep. Don’t be lazy!

yoga - https://flic.kr/p/8iCDaR

Don’t feel shy

Don’t forget that traveling is a great opportunity to meet new people. And you may never know who you are going to meet. It would be great to join a yoga class or yoga club to practice yoga together with experienced people or newcomers who want to learn more about yoga. This is a chance for you to share your experience and try to lead a yoga group in your hotel. Just don’t be shy to talk to people, find new friends and opportunities. You can be surprised by how easy you can share your views and how pleasant it can be and how much joy you can get from talking to others and practicing with others.

yoga - https://flic.kr/p/oMBSYP

Find portable yoga classes

If you are just a beginner, you’d better practice yoga in a group or class. Chances that you can find a yoga class in a new city are big. But if you are limited in budget or have no time for searching around, you can stop your car at the beach or in the nearest park. Look around! You can always find a group of people practicing yoga in nature. Sometimes, it can be a group of experienced yoga teachers or followers. You can ask to join their group and nobody will take money for that. Regular practitioners always gather together somewhere in a picturesque place in the morning or in the evening. These so-called portable yoga classes are especially good for travelers because they are free and easy to find. Do you feel like you want to get to know these people better? Invite them to the outdoor cafe for coffee!

Yoga gives you much power. This is not a kind of physical activity but your way of life, deep philosophy you are ready to follow. It helps you to relax, release from all your troubles and life difficulties. Yoga helps to think fast and focus on really important things. Traveling shouldn’t make you stop practice yoga. It rather inspires you to set new goals and enchant your skill.

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