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In ancient times, the world’s populations discovered the use of essential oils to enhance their well-being. Now, Paul Sung, a leader, and innovator in essential oils and fragrance products has created and is preparing to introduce the “all- in one bottle for fragrances and essential oils,” for people who strive to lead healthier lifestyles today – will be offered in an array of unique, customized colors and finishes.

Designed to be used in aromatherapy, the “all- in one bottle for fragrances and essential oils,” oils make it easy to create oils and fragrances that lift spirits, calm the senses and enjoy many other physical and emotional benefits from some of the world’s favorite scents. The Sung Bottle is a patent-pending fragrance infusion product, leveraging interchangeable cartridges and nozzle limiters to adjust ratios between both fluids.

The bottle can be adapted for a range of different types of liquids, including:

  • Fragrance Oils
  • Essential Oils
  • Carriers
  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Creams

The standard nozzle uses a spray atomizer found on most perfume and cologne bottles but could be adapted to also use a pump nozzle for use with soaps, creams, and lotions.

“Essential oil and fragrance bottles have been available for years, but very few of them are capable to:

  • Mix concentrated fragrance oils or essential oils with a base carrier at predetermined ratios, reducing long-term cost to the user and allowing flexibility in interchangeability.
  • Blend two conventional perfumes and/or colognes at predetermined ratios.
  • Blend essential oils with fragrances to add extra flavor and variety to colognes and perfumes.
  • Combine fragrance or essential oils with soaps, lotions, or creams.

Our new line “New Sung Collection: The All-In-One Bottle for Fragrance and Essential Oils,” is another way to provide fragrances that deliver on our promise to empower extraordinary health,” said Stacey Chillemi, president, The Complete Herbal Guide.

The Power of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the holistic, therapeutic application of essential oils for enhancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of an individual. To create essential oils, highly concentrated aromatic extracts are distilled or expressed from flowers, fruits, leaves, and resins. When used with a diffuser, the fragrance of the oil spreads into the air, stimulating the brain to create a sense of well-being.

Here are some examples of some of the oils you can use with the “New Sung Collection: The All-In-One Bottle for Fragrance and Essential Oils,”:

Lavender Oil


Lavender Oil supports emotional connection, rest, contentment, calming and muscle relaxation.



Peppermint Oil has a fresh, powerful and herbaceous aroma. Its cooling, awakening, energizing and refreshing feeling can be used to ease discomfort.



Lemon Oil creates a joyful, uplifting and positive effect while supporting clarity and focus.

Tea tree oil

Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil’s fresh, lemony, spicy and camphor scent, which can give the experience of cleansing and purification.

Eucalyptus essential oil


Oils from eucalyptus leaves are associated with providing protective effects for the body. Eucalyptus Oil is known to provide a feeling of clarity and focus.

Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Oil offers a fresh citrusy scent that can be used to create an uplifting, joyful and positive ambiance, helping to nourish the creative spirit.


Geranium Oil

The scent of geraniums is associated with love, connection, caring, calming and compassion, as well as soothing and anti-anxiety effects.



Lemongrass Oil can be used to create feelings of joy, calmness, and relaxation.



Rosemary Oil its fresh, heady, powerful and herbaceous scent. It can be used to support clarity, focus and protective effects.



Frankincense Oil is made from the fragrant gum resin of trees native to Somalia. Its fresh, spicy and camphor-like aroma can be used to foster calmness, introspection, inner peace and healing.

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paul sung

About Paul Sung

Paul Sung Ventresca has always had an eye for clean, efficient design and style. Tired of watching serious and overhyped ads for overpriced, flashy designer fragrances, he decided to experiment with a concept that would bring fragrance back to normalcy and put the power back into the hands of fragrance consumers.

Inspired by the vintage design and functionality of the soda siphons of the early 20th century, he decided to test a theory that ultimately led to the concept of the Sung Bottle infusion system and hopes that the fragrance solution will change the way that people traditionally think about fragrance and the fragrance industry as a whole. With the growing lifestyle market trending towards niche perfumes/colognes and essential oils, the Sung Bottle provides the perfect and most economical vehicle for customizable fragrance delivery and infusion.

Born in South Korea and raised in Massachusetts, Paul has been working diligently on his product with Datum3D Product Development of Watertown, MA. Over the past year, he has designed and developed the first iteration of functional prototypes for the patent-pending Sung Bottle system. He is now in a position to test his theory in the market and tweak and adapt the system as needed. He is actively looking for partners in the fragrance and consumer goods industry for mentorship, guidance, and early investment.

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