How Much CBD Should You Take?

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How Much CBD Should You Take?

CBD has been publicized as a natural wonder.  It’s “a legitimate, bonafide antipsychotic”. It’s also “underutilized and underappreciated” treatment within medicine, according to Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, MD, Ph.D., FAAPMR, and practitioner at SageMD. But it’s unregulated by the FDA, relatively inaccessible outside of a handful of online vendors, and all but completely mysterious to the average consumer.

Those who are interested in using this natural treatment for mood disorders, cancer, epilepsy, pain and even to use on their pets are left with little to no resources on how to treat their symptoms or their pet’s symptoms at home. Choosing a reliable product can be hard too.  It’s definitely a step to better health and a better lifestyle.

So what do you do? Take a peek at these insightful tips to help you with your concerns and questions.


How do you determine dose?

Despite the fact many states are moving for the legalization of medical marijuana, a lot of physicians are still reluctant to prescribe CBD oils due to issues arising from determining the right dosage. In most cases, medical schools don’t cover CBD cannabidiols in their pharmacological studies and thus prescribing the right CDB dosage is a thing of a challenge.

At the time of writing this article, there is a considerable amount of research into the right dosage for CBD oil such as those manufactured by vitaleaf. CBD oil comes in different concentrations and forms which include liquid hemp oil, hemp oil as a paste, oil in capsules, sublingual tincture drops or sprays, salves for topical use, edibles as in candy or gum and CBD vapor from vaporizers to e-cigarettes.

Determining the right CBD dosage is quite different for every patient. This is because everyone has different places which react with the CBD oils and the rate at which it is processed differs from one person to the other. Since the dosage differs from one person to the other it is important that you start from small and gradually increase the dosage until you are able to obtain the desired result.

There are different brands of CBD oils in the market and this can create confusion for the buyer who may not have the right knowledge of knowing the right CDB dosage.  These can help greatly if you can’t DIY it yourself!

Based on this challenge, the CDB oil dosage review recommended that you take 25mg of CBD twice a day and increase the dosage by 25mg every 3-4 weeks until the symptom relief.


So it has nothing to do with weight or size?

CBD oil dosage such as those from Vitaleaf is not determined by the body size or weight because it is totally dependent on the active sites which receive the CDB oils and process it to gain the required result. However, body weight comes into play for first-timers. To determine the right dosage vitaleaf CBD oils suggests you multiply your body weight by 0.022mg to get your starting dose.

Hemp 1

How much should I take?

Based on the data available for vitaleaf it is highly recommended that you start from small and gradually increase the dosage until the right effect is observed.

The concentrations also vary in the preparations. For Vitaleaf CBD oils, we have concentrations from 250mg, 750mg to 1500mg which makes it easy for the consumer to identify what they need on time.

The total amount of CBD oil to be taken largely depends on the type of disease the individual is suffering from.

According to data obtained from Mayo Clinic, the following concentrations were recommended for the following illnesses; 2.5mg for cancer patients, 2.5-20mg for chronic pain, 200mg-300mg for epilepsy, 40-1,280mg for sleep disorders and 10mg per kilogram of CBD for Huntington’s disease for six weeks.

hemp oil

What if I don’t feel enough effects?

Peradventure you don’t feel the right effects of CDB oils, it is highly recommended that you increase your dosage until you have the right effects.


To determine the safety of your dosage, we suggest you consult with your physician.  Your doctor will monitor your improvements and assist you in determining the right dosage that will produce the desired results.


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