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Liquid Gold Vape Additive: The Finest In CBD Vape Oil

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Liquid Gold Vape Additive: The Finest In CBD Vape Oil

Liquid Gold Additive is one of the finest CBD products to hit store shelves in a long time. Many people use it to relieve pain or anxiety, or simply use it as a daily part of their health and wellness regimen, just like they do exercise and a clean wholesome diet. Now, you can literally get liquid gold with DiamondCBD’s Liquid Gold Vape Additive CBD. This product is designed as an e-liquid to be mixed with other vaping e-liquids for the ultimate in CBD vaping.

Vaping is much healthier than smoking because no combustion is involved, and that means the toxins and carcinogens that come with combusting tobacco products are non-existent with vaping.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive: Choose Quality

More and more CBD products are hitting the market, including CBD vaping products. How do you know you’re buying a quality product? After all, CBD products, including vape products like e-liquids, are not regulated by the FDA, so the impetus is on the consumer to know what you’re buying.

Here are some great questions you should be asking about Liquid Gold Vape Additive:

  • Is your CBD e-liquid is homogeneous? This means you want a CBD liquid like Liquid Gold Vape Additive that is mixed well and uniform throughout. A big clue is to look at the liquid. If it separates into different layers, it is not homogeneous. This separation problem is a major issue right now with CBD vaporizer e-liquids; only very well-formulated products like Liquid Gold are homogeneous. When a CBD liquid is not homogeneous, it is very easy to get an uneven dosage and therefore not know how much CBD you are actually taking in.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive: Homogenous By Design

Our Liquid Gold CBD vape additive is made with very high quality, highly concentrated CBD designed to mix with other e-liquids. The clearer the liquid, the better, when it comes to vaping liquids. Poorly made products will be thick and syrupy and cloudy, which is not good at all. A well-made e-liquid should be very clear; in fact, a light should easily pass through the liquid. This is definitely the case with Liquid Gold CBD. You’ll see the clarity as you dispense the liquid. Even better, our liquids come in amazing flavors like strawberry, watermelon, and our popular Jungle Juice.

  • Is Liquid Gold Vape Additive tested for synthetics and illegal substances? The problem with unregulated products is that it leaves the door open for unscrupulous companies to take advantage of the consumer, by undercutting the amount of CBD in the product, or, even worse, having unsavory chemicals and other substances present in the product. We ensure that all of our products are free from solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, and other microbiological contamination. After all, why would you risk buying a product that might contain these harmful substances—especially a vaping product that you will be inhaling? It’s just not worth it. Go with a reputable source of reputably sourced products.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive: Proven Test Results

DiamondCBD posts ingredients for all our products on our website. We have nothing to hide. We also post our lab results. All of our CBD products are tested by third-party independent labs to ensure a few things. First, we ensure the CBD content matches what we say it does on the label. Secondly, we ensure that our products contain no THC.

Our CBD products like Liquid Gold are all derived from organically grown hemp plants, which are naturally low in THC (less than 0.3 percent), the hallucinogenic compound for which marijuana is known. So our CBD oils begin with very little THC, and our proprietary extraction process eliminates any remaining THC. Always ask to see lab test results for any CBD product you purchase. Our hemp is 100 percent organic, grown right here in the USA. Transparency is a hallmark of Diamond CBD; you’ll always know our ingredients and our test results.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive: More About Vaporizers

Lots of people are hesitant to buy new e-liquids because they’re not sure the formulation will work with their particular vaporizer. In particular, CBD e-liquids made with low-grade vegetable glycerin often create this issue because the oil blend is not homogeneous. The CBD oil layer and the glycerin layer separate from each other and that can really do a number on your vaporizer by gunking up the tank. Pretty soon, you’ll end up with an unusable vaporizer.

People have more luck with vaporizers that contain a ceramic heating element, but the best choice is to purchase a fully homogenized e-liquid like Liquid Gold Vape Additive CBD. We stand by our products to work in any vape pen. Our CBD oil is blended with USP grade vegetable glycerin and that means no gunk because we offer a smoother, more consistent formulation.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive: New Formula

Our Liquid Gold Vape Additive CBD Concentrate is now newly formulated to contain more CBD. The product is now a maximum strength with 12ml CBD oil e-liquid for the ultimate CBD vaping experience. Our e-liquid is highly concentrated, containing raw and unfiltered CBD that is solvent-free. It will definitely boost the other vaping liquids you are using.

Although our CBD Liquid Gold can be used with any vaporizer, try it with the Liquid Gold CBD Vaping Pen, a ready-to-use CBD liquid vaping stick. This pen is both portable and disposable; it comes ready to go, charged up and good for 200 puffs. You can take it anywhere. We even have vaping liquids that pair well with our Liquid Gold CBD Oil, like our Liquid Gold CBD Vape

Tank Jungle Juice.

Liquid Gold Vape Additive: Other Products

Perhaps vaping is not for you, and that’s certainly OK. Never fear, there is a CBD Liquid Gold product for you. For example, try our edibles! Our CBD Liquid Gold Sweet Mix Extreme Strength Gummies are just like the candy gummies you know and love, but these pack an extra powerful punch of CBD in every delicious bite. Edibles are a fantastic way to consume CBD, just be sure to pay attention to the labels regarding dosing. CBD affects everyone differently because we’re all wired differently with different receptors, different body weights, and different genetics. Start slow and see how you do before you move to a larger CBD dose.

Our gummies come in pretty much every form imaginable—bears, worms, fruit shapes, rings, and even fish. Heck, we even have watermelon slices.

Choose Liquid Gold Vape Additive

If you’ve considered vaping or already vape, strongly consider trying our Liquid Gold Vape Additive CBD. It’s a great way to add CBD. You’ll be glad you did!


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