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Childhood Trauma and Addiction

The Complete Herbal Guide / Addiction  / Childhood Trauma and Addiction

Childhood Trauma and Addiction

A bad childhood is often observed to be one of the most compelling reasons as to why a person turns to substance abuse and unfortunately many have to enter drug and alcohol rehab programs to become sober and learn how to live productive lives. A bad childhood can be induced due to several factors. Most importantly, these factors can affect the child in some ways, each independent of the other and equally deceiving.

It is important that you understand how a bad childhood can affect your kid and how you can amend them. The time during the childhood of a kid is where he gets to learn a lot about his surroundings, family and loved ones. Education starts from the home and having a positive start is necessary to set a positive mindset.

Factors of a bad childhood

Splitting up

It has been observed that parents splitting up can induce a lot of negativity in the child. This is the period where the kid requires both attention and love from his mom and dad. At this point, when the kid comes across his parents splitting up, things start to get worse.

A state of induced depression is most likely at such a point in time. The kid slowly starts to understand the depth of the situation and the growing distance between their parents. Subconsciously, the split up between the parents also induces a difference in the relationship with the child. The fight for custody begins and starts to worsen the situation. Such a hit at such a tender age can have devastating psychological effects, which can turn the kid into a psychopath or a drug addict.

The fear of loss

The fear of loss can be induced by losing someone very close or even at times by simply thinking of it. There have been several instances where an individual child may have lost either of their parents and shifted to alcohol abuse and substance abuse to seek solace. If you have a kid that needs help fight off substance abuse, then you need to get all the professional help required.

Drugs induce a euphoric feeling in us. It helps the person to forget the pain momentarily and enter the phase of a dreamland. In seeking refuge from the feeling of emptiness and pain, kids go to drugs and unknowingly get addicted to it. The feeling of euphoria helps to cope up with the emotional turmoil, and as kids, they fall prey to this momentary solace.  If you have a kid that needs help fight off substance abuse, then click here to get all the professional help required.

Recreation went wrong

This is one of the most common instances where what starts off as a recreational attempt, transforms into an intense form of drug addiction. Kids during their childhood are adventurous and love to explore. An active kid is likely going to try out drugs at some point in their life as a form of a recreational event. However, if this habit seeks to continue, things can get out of hand very easily.

This scenario is very common especially when the child has ignorant parents or wrong companionship in the form of friends. Staying vigilant about them and the company they have is important.

Most of the traumatic childhood is induced by some mishap of the parents or the family. As responsible adults catering to the needs of the child, one must always look after them and ensure that they do not fall prey to recreational drug usage at all. It is important to remember that childhood is fragile and prevention is better than cure.

Problems in the household

Living in a household with someone who’s a problem drinker or alcoholic, or who uses street drugs is not a rarity in the U.S. As a matter of fact, there has been a study that states one out of five adults in the U.S. has this case in their childhood days.

Drug abuse and alcoholism have consequences and negative psychological effects on children. If physical or emotional abuse is there as a result of addiction, a child may fear being harmed each day and may wonder how the day will end and cause anxiety. Not to mention the confusion and embarrassment it will bring, thinking that he/she can not share or even tell someone about what’s happening in their household.

The anger that a child can harbor towards the problem drinker that will soon affect his/her school performance, ability to communicate with others and even dreams to succeed. This may soon lead to either feeling guilty – for being the probable cause of alcoholism or, the feeling of isolation and aloneness when his or her parents are out drinking. The feeling like nobody understands his/her situation or feelings – which may result in extreme depression and anxiety with thoughts of suicide.

Nothing on the table

In most households, moms take control of the food – in both serving and preparation. But when a mother is manipulative or unloving, it makes eating a point of control, which may soon develop as emotional hunger.

Research states that a child who grows up in poverty eat more candy, soda, potato chips, and fries than their counterparts. Yes, there are a lot of factors which play a part in these choices: children wanted food that is flavorful, filling and easy to eat.

Being without food as a child is a situation that can be traumatizing. The despair a child can see in his/her parent’s faces because they can’t feed their children. A child can be frightened too, knowing that his/her parents can’t provide for him/her. And this situation is something a child might have a hard time recovering from growing up.

Final Thoughts

Our early childhood experiences affect all of us to some extent. And some people are more or less sensitive to environmental factors because of variations on how they make up psychologically.

Though it doesn’t mean that we can not recover from any bad experiences during our childhood. Medication or therapy may help for some. And it’s quite interesting as there has been some evidence showing that children who knuckle under bad experiences are the ones who blossom under good ones.

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